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How you can get banned from Black Ops 2

Activision has release a list of way you can get banned from Black Ops II. check it out down below.

  • - Hacking other players or other players’ consoles
  • - Pirating the game, promoting piracy
  • - Scheming with other players simply to farm experience points
  • - Using glitches to get outside of maps
  • - Being abusive to other players
  • - Creating offensive emblems

Black Ops II set to release tonight at midnight.

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  1. I get all of them except the gliches, If the makers of the game dont want people using gliches to get out of the maps, FIX THE FUCKING GLICHES INSTEAD OF PUNISHING PEOPLE FOR USING THEM

      1. Like, I believe you should be able to use your glitches to get out of the map. In WaW they were allowed because of some the easter eggs you could find. I was banned from black ops for doing that. No warning, just poof, and I was banned. Its stupid. Ive bought more games from them and more dlc than anyone else. well theres an end to that. also I could own any player at that game… so thats another reason it sucks….

  2. Hey I just want to gain as much experience as possible just to make it to the last prestige in mw3 even if I face against people that aren’t that good. And glitches are fun to play with

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  4. Or you can kick complete ass and ass rape the little 10 year old kids who cry when they get killed and rage at you and accuse you of hacking simply because ur a lot better game then they are

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