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By Charly Pierre On May 7, 2013 News PS4 comments


The latest issue of Game informer which will be featuring inFamous: Second Son revealed  tons of new details almost up to 10-pages cover story. The magazine will release June 2013. A few interesting details about the game from the magazine can be found below.

  • Conduits now referred to as bioterrorists
  • New area of government keeps track of the conduits: Department of Unified Protection
  • Condits have been identified, holding them without trial in containment facilities
  • Department of Unified Protection shows its power during an operation that doesn’t go as planned in Seattle
  • Transport vehicle crashes and the conduits escape
  • DUP sets up roadblocks and won’t let anyone enter/leave
  • - Lots of security systems are sent out and Seattle is turned into something reminisint of an airport
  • - There are elevated walkways with search-lights and security cameras as well as checkpoints and scanners
  • - Game has parallels to post-9/11 America setting
  • - Security vs. freedom theme
  • - DUP is like the TSA

DUP guards

  • - DUP guards feature behavior similar to that of SWAT teams/trained military police
  • - Others have a seemingly supernatural ability to shield themselves and move around quickly
  • - Sucker Punch won’t elaborate on this further


  • - Stars 24-year-old Native American Delsin Rowe
  • - Delsin is the artistic type with a chip on his soldier
  • - Fan of anti-authoritarian street art
  • - Likes tagging buildings with his own art
  • - Very much an average guy until the conduit-transport vehicle crashes
  • - Delsin tries to help those in the wreck, and learns that he’s been a conduit all along with dragging an injured conduit from the area
  • - Soon realizes that he can control smoke
  • - Natural power lets him absorb other conduits’ power
  • - Can use more than smoke power
  • - Delsin is excited about his power unlike Cole


  • - Delsin can take down different forward-operating bases run by the DUP around Seattle
  • - Can get through these areas with force, but eliminating security systems is more effective
  • - Smoke projectile at Delsin’s disposal
  • - Also can perform a smoke-dash maneuver somewhat like Nightcrawler
  • - Air ducts found all across Seattle
  • - Can use the ducts to get around or climb like Cole
  • - Another technique lets Delsin throw smoking fireballs
  • - When Delsin descends, he can perform a “move” like Cole’s thunder drop
  • - Forests act as the edge of the game world
  • - Another move: smoke cloud; immobilize enemies
  • - Can restock on smoke from chimneys, destroyed cars, and even tear gas canister
  • - Can also use Delsin’s chain as an alternative weapon
  • - Absorb smoke by pressing both thumbs down on the touchpad
  • - Touchpad can also be used to free conduits in cells
  • - Team wants to simply the controls; inFamous 2 actions required multiple button presses
  • - One moment of the demo lets players make a decision about killing a DUP officer or not
  • - Can switch between entire sets of power that complement each other


  • - Sucker Punch recreated the city’s feel instead of specific road layout

inFamous: Second Son was one of the PlayStation 4 titles  Sony unveiled during the PS4 announcement back in February.

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