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PS4 Shortage Due to Demand Exceeding Supply

President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America Jack Tretton was recently interviewed by Forbes, where he hinted the PS4 may hit a shortage.

He states, “I certainly think, given the technology that we’re offering, given the software lineup, given the price point we have, that we’ll have consumers interested in excess of what we’re able to manufacture.”

He is the second Sony executive to predict the shortcoming, and it has been assured that the first shipments will eventually sell out. Sony has been very good at marketing their next-gen console, considering that pre-orders for the PS4 keeps getting better. It seems the best way to be guaranteed a PS4 for the upcoming holidays is if people start reserving them now.

Keep checking back for more news on the PS4.

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  2. I don't doubt it. After Sony pretty much kicked Microsofts ass at E3 I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft goes the way of Sega and is forced to get out of the console business.

  3. nah … they wont give up that easily …. microsoft is still a huge corporation with 90% of PCs using windows software …. sega didnt really have much else to back them up … microsoft wouldnt roll over like that … though i wish the would already ><

  4. nahhh they will have record breaking sales anyways …. preorders will just give sony an idea of what their sales projections are …. and looking at sony will be fine …. but i do have to say … at first glance …judging by your profile pic … i pick YOU to play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie that i wish they would make lol

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  6. I remember trying to get a 2nd ps3 3 years after it had already been out and every single store was out of them I drove EVERYWHERE for 2 days. I ended up having to buy a refurbished 40gig at gamestop because that was the only one I could find.

  7. i dont think its going to effect sales very much. the ps3 did wayyyyy more then the xbox 360 and yet they still were pretty even in results for a long time. the fact is people usually stay with what they already like xbox lovers will always stay with xbox and ps3 lovers will always stay with ps. i do think a few people will crossover this time do to specs but all in all most gamers are people who think cod is the best game in the world and dont even look at specs. ps3 you could replace the hard drive/free online/usb so you didnt need batterys not to mention plug anything in/store tons of mp3s and avi movies/blu ray disc/use a laptop hd and yet morons still paid gold memberships and sank in money for a xbox 360 that didnt do no where near as much as the ps3. its not going to be any different this time around

  8. xbox lovers will always stay with xbox and ps users will always stay with ps. specs only matter to a few of us. the majority of gamers are morons and don't know when there being ripped off. the ps3 did a billion more things then the xbox 360 you had free online and usb could store movies use a laptop hd all sorts of stuff. yet people still bought just about as many xboxes as ps3s. its never going to change no matter how good the system is. as long as call of duty is still the number one game it shows that people are brain dead zombies who don't know any better.

  9. They are certainly closer in sells now than they were. But to much damage has been done. Plus the Kinect is still require and it can still watch you masturbate as long as the system is on, and there is still no big gaming features. It's still all TV…

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