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GTA V Release Date Leaked – Rumor

According to a report at Idigital, Grand Theft Auto V might be closer to shelves than most people believe.

According to the site, one of their users got an email from Microsoft who marked the title for a March 24 release date. Now, we’ll know how Pre-order dates can be place holders but it’s something right? Maybe, GTA V will actually release on said date, and maybe not. Only time will tell.

However, one thing that’s confirmed is fans all over the world are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the title and any kind of rumours are sure to get their hopes up.

Are you looking forward to play GTA V?




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  1. i cannntttttttttttttt wait for it !!!!! Its gunna be best game for ps33333 forsure nd second best is max payne 3 love rockstar gamesssssssss!!!!!!!!! HURRY AND COME OUY GTAV

  2. So pumped for this game. I’ve been replaying San Andreas to get me in the mood, and it has held up extremely well. I’m dying to return to Los Santos! It will be interesting to compare HD Los Santos to LA Noire (it will obviously be bigger, but will it be as atmospheric and detailed?) However, as I live in San Francisco, I’m sad we won’t see San Fierro in HD. I thought that DriverSF would fill the hole in my heart left by the lack of San Fierro in GTA V, but I found myself a bit disappointed by that game. The city didn’t feel “alive” like a Rockstar game does, and it didn’t even let you get out of the car to wander around! The driving mechanics were great though—way better than GTA IV. In general, GTA IV hasn’t aged nearly as well as San Andreas. Sure, the graphics are better but the world isn’t as large, and the main character is about as charismatic as a Tetris block. Give me Tommy Vercetti any day. Keep on rocking Rockstar. See y’all online.

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