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PlayStation 4 may feature real-time dynamic destruction

In this video it shows a team’s new destruction prototype. Here, objects are fractured on the fly. There is no limit of how many times pieces can be fractured. Also, the fracture pattern depends on the impact location. The original objects as well as the pieces are allowed to be non-convex which is an additional challenge. It would be really amazing if PlayStation 4 can be able to utilise such cutting edge technology. Check out the video below


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    1.  do sum research the vid is not meant to show anything but the capabilities of the ps4 what the graphic destruction will be like… given you do have to know alittle about gaming engines and graphics but its relatively easy to comp so just do alittle research man you will get it

  1. so basically if you where to say smash a flower pot in MW3 you would be able to keep smashing the smaller pieces into smaller pieces as in real life? bad ass!

  2. PlayStation! WAY BETTER THAN XBOX! I have a showdown idea…Take the best CoD clans from all 3 systems (PS, XBOX, PC) and make a Tournament. We have different clans in different divisions…

  3. I don´t think this is a video made by sony. because i know it for about 1 year. an this is a programm for simulation on the pc. i´m working with software like that for my job. BUT if it is true what u can read about the hardware of the playstation4 i think it could be able to work with a software like thar. i´m very keen on it!

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