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PlayStation 4 to release late 2013, says analysts


During E3 2012 many people were expecting at least a little information about Sony next gen console. However, SCEA boss Jack Tretton has commented on the next generation PS4  and   Senior VP at Sony, Scott Rhodes confirms that games are currently in development for the PS4.

gamesindustry fire all out at E3 2012 floor ,analysts Arvind Bhatia and Colin Sebastian  believe the PlayStation  4 to release late 2013.

Down below you can read the quote from them.

“High probability that PlayStation 4 will be out in late 2013.”

“More Publishers are more excited about the potential for  PS4 /xbox 720 than they are about Nintendo Wii U.”

“We expect that to be the case next year, the next-gen consoles will be simpler to develop for compared to the complications for the PS3 and 360 roughly six years ago.”

“Next-gen platform details are slowly emerging,”  noted by Colin Sebastian

“Next gen  improvements to processing power, speed, and graphics on the new platforms, integration with online services, as well as flexible revenue models, such as Free-to-Play, Micro-transactions (services model).”

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  1. The System itself looks very nice in that concept, but the controller is definitely going to get an overhaul, the modern player has gotten to used to analog joysticks to simply give them up and be happy about it

  2. The console looks cool but the lack of thumb sticks on the controller is a deal breaker.  Redesign the controller or release an alternate controller with the sticks and we’re back on.

  3. Redesign the controller or release an alternate controller Redesign the controller or release an alternate controller Redesign the controller or release an alternate controller Redesign the controller or release an alternate controller

  4. Most of you commenting on the design of the PS4 and controller in the picture do realize that is not an actual image, right?  That is one of the several rumored images that have been floating around the internet for years.  

  5. I think its to early for a new PlayStation some of us payed 600+ for our PS3′s o your telling me I’m going to have to pull another $400-$500 dollars out of my pocket “No” I say If they want to revolutionize gaming. be the first to promote a gaming system. When I say that there are too major things in mind do some kind of update to the PlayStation 3 turning it into a PS4 or for having a PS3 get a big discount when you buy the PS4. Still in my eyes its too early for a new PS they are coming out with this nice new stuff for PS3 3D Display, Move, Headsets, Mics, controllers, SimulView, and Cross-play for Vita New games and more why do I want to pay to start over again better yet pay to start over when you can just keep upgrading the PS3 or you can discount the PS4.      

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  8. The playstation controller has looked the same continously since the ‘Playstation’ original (with the obvious addition of the analogue sticks). The reason that image is named: ‘PS4_concept4′ is because it is just an idea – a concept if you will of what it MIGHT look like. As the old saying goes… “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”. Playstation owners will naturally feel more comfortable if the controller looks, feels and handles like a standard playstation controller. For those wishing to comment/speculate, please wait until the actual design is released… by SONY! rarr!!

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