PS4 User Interface video released

Aug 20, 2013, News, PS4 By Debabrata Nath

Sony’s Shuhie Yoshida kicked off its gamescom presser with a video of him showing off the PS4 user-interface in real-time. The almost three minute long video gives you the first proper look at how the PS4 UI will look like and how it’ll function.

The video shows him browsing through various menus, playing a game while making use of the PS4′s various funcionalities. You can watch the video below. PS4 launches this November across 38 launch countries.

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7 Responses to “PS4 User Interface video released”

  1. Alex Cherrell says:

    nice :3

  2. Alex Vidrascu says:

    Wow I need to buy that :D

  3. Jarel Gordon says:

    Looks tight but I'll get a PS4 next year.

  4. Steven Davies says:

    can someone tell me if PS4 games can be played on the PS3.

  5. Antek Roden-Burns says:

    The games for ps4 are coming to ps3 first.

  6. Pedro Ivo Moreira says:

    Antek Roden-Burns Mostly of them aren't

  7. Aleck Rivard says:

    Actually it dosent, but if you buy a game on the PSN on your ps3, you can add 10 more bucks to have it on the ps4 when you will have it :P

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