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More Proof PlayStation 4 Will be Announced on Feb 20

Update 2-Looks like our prediction about showing PSP was misleading statement. However, Sony did release a video Evolution of PlayStation: PlayStation 3 assuming to what out statements listed.

Update 1 - As we predicted in this article, Sony has released a second video which discusses their second and most successful hardware: The PlayStation 2. Things are starting to get interesting, we’ll keep you updated right until Feb 20, when Sony is meant to announce it’s next big console.

The media has been in a frenzy ever since Sony released ‘The Future of PlayStation’ video announcing to hold an event in New York on February 20 where it’s promised to show their plans for the future. Ever since it did that, all gaming websites switched on their PlayStation 4 crazy mode with literally hundreds of reports about what the future Sony console will be like. Most of them were hilarious while some looked as if they might prove true. However, nothing which we read or saw until yesterday made us sure about what Sony was actually planning to reveal come Feb 20. 244985-ibb However, as soon as Sony released a new video on their official YouTube channel tomorrow – things became clear. The video termed Evolution showed ‘The PlayStation’ in action and discussed its journey. It could only mean one thing. Yesterday being the 15th, Sony decided to show off its oldest console – the one which started it all, but they’ve more plans… We’re assuming Sony is going to run a 5 day long video marathon which’ll end with the reveal of their next console on Feb 20. The logic is simple, Sony’s released five major gaming consoles to date and they’re – The PlayStation, The PlayStation 2, The PlayStation Portable, The PlayStation 3 and The PlayStation Vita. playstation-logo So, assuming they release a new video everyday from now on, Feb 16 will be PS2, Feb 17 will be PSP, Feb 18 will be PS3, Feb 19 will be PS Vita and then BOOM Feb 20 and it’s going to show off its new home console – The PlayStation 4 or as some like to call it – Orbis. Whatever its name might be, Sony is going to change the gaming scene within a few days time and we’re pretty sure the February 20th event will indeed see the announcement of a successor to the PlayStation 3, that or Sony will have successfully managed to make the entire gaming media participate in the biggest wild goose chase which never was. We’re banking on the former though, do let us know if you think that the PlayStation 4 announcement might be right around the corner.

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  1. I am soooooo excited. Everything I have heard about the console and the controller only has me more and more excited. Sadly I will have to miss the live feed as I will be working then (it will start at 12pm on Thursday here in NZ). Four more days.

      1. Why? Im interested in seeing what they do with it. You have a highly capable device if we believe the buzz, as well as rumours kooky and more standard capabilities. I would love to see the possibilities with the touchscreen controller – a better browser (like the vita), potential off-tv play (like the Wii U – one idea I like), potentially better cross-play and cross-platform synching and gaming. And thats just what I can think of off the top of my head.

    1. the “PSP GO” was not a new handheld. It was simply a remodel of the PSP. Like the PSOne or PS2 Slim were to the PlayStation and PlayStation 2.

  2. HAHAHA Is this what passes as journalism now days? More proof? What proof? Because SONY released a video of the evolution of the PS that’s more proof? Wow these sub-par site really are clinging to straws to get hits. Absolutely appalling you should change the site name to IGN.

      1. Yeah, but we still need to wait for the other 2 and even then, it’s best not to jump the gun, lest we jump the shark.

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