PlayStation Evolution video #2 – PlayStation 2

Feb 17, 2013, PS3, PS4, Video By Jackson Lacroyance

With PlayStaion 4 announcement date getting closer, Sony revealed a new video about how PlayStation 2 Era begin. The video show how PlayStation 2  became the best selling home game and consoles ever. Previously Sony has release a video about the first  PlayStation on how it became successful and how it rapidly rise.(You can view the first PlayStation video here ) So, assuming they release a new video everyday from now on, Feb 16 will be PS2Feb 17 will be PSP, Feb 18 will be PS3, Feb 19 will be PS Vita and then BOOM Feb 20 and it’s going to show off its new home console – The PlayStation 4 or as some like to call it – Orbis.

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  1. citizencain23 says:

    you mean motion control on PS2 before

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