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PS4: Say Goodbye To The Cell Processor


The PlayStation 4 will not use Sony’s Cell processor nor any possible successor to the vaunted chipset that was introduced to the world through the PlayStation 3. Cell was not what Sony hoped that it would be. It never managed to make the PS3 appear to be significantly more powerful than the Xbox 360. AMD might engineer the main processing and graphics chips for the machine. If AMD does, they could use the AMD Fusion architecture, which would put CPU and GPU on the same chip. A rep from Sony declined to comment on this story, citing the company’s policy not to comment on rumors and speculation. Even though Sony hasn’t acknowledged the existence of the PlayStation 4, we are beginning to hear trickles of information about Sony’s next gen.


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      1. The guy above doesn’t know what hes talking are right prob have the original ps3 60 or 80gb that were backwards compatible back then they stopped making them when thay started making higher GB’s

        1. CHECK YOUR FACTS GUYS, I own a PS3 slim 320GB, and i can play my PS games and PS2 games on it. “without Jailbreaking it”
          its there in options to make a virtual card and mount it to a virtual slot.
          and it plays the games just fine after that. But some stupids like to comment before checking. Grow up kids.

          1.  Yes, you are allowed to play PSX and PS2 games that are available through the PSN (now known as SEN). What everyone is trying to say is that one cannot play a PHYSICAL copy of a Playstation 2 game into that of a PS3 system

          2.  Actually – in the original PS3′s you are able to play some but not all PS1 + 2 games.  My 4 year old likes to play Futurama on my PS3 that I had on the PS1.  I admit, it can be a bit jerky but he is happy.  There are of course some discs that wont work tho :(

  1. It was an update that made backwards compatibility not work, not the systems. That is why all of the old systems that were never connected to the internet can still play the old games. All the slim consoles shipped with the new software update. There may be a way to get that old firmware back? 

  2. Lets hope whatever they promise us, they don’t take it away; again. I have (3) PS3′s in my house with plans that also did not turn out for my use as well. This was because they made access rules that made it impossible to use for the purpose I intended to and was told I could upon purchase. I will likely pass this time around because of the history… otherwise the idea would have looked awesome.

  3. People never get it that it’s not about the console, it’s about the games you play in it, I simply don’t like Game monopoloy where games are made exclusive for certain consoles, it rules out the true compitition between the best consoles to win..

    And therefore I don’t play at all since entertainment has become another marketing stunt not fun anymore.

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