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In Terms of Tech PlayStation 4 is “Essentially a Computer”


Alot of rumors have been swinging around about Sony’s next generation console. According to gameranx, Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter claims to be a reputable source of  Sony’s next  upcoming console, “PlayStation 4.


“It’s not about exotic, groundbreaking hardware anymore, it’s all about creating the best possible games machine with an enviable set of development tools – and it’s an approach that has already yielded results,” Leadbetter wrote. “While PlayStation Vita may lack a stand-out killer app, I still think that it’s set the bar in terms of overall quality and quantity over and above any console launch I’ve seen in over 21 years in the business. Extrapolating that same philosophy towards PlayStation 4 makes a PC-style approach to Sony’s next console seem very likely indeed.”



He also stated that Sony and AMD are collaborating on the console’s CPU, moving away from the PS3′s Cell architecture to an x86 processor for the new console because it never managed to make the PS3 appear to be significantly more powerful than the Xbox 360.


If this is true, Sony is not playing around anymore. They are making their  next console into a super computer. Leave a comment, and tell us what you think of this.


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  1. It’s all speculation. Posting articles like this is going to spark too much false hope into people. I won’t believe it until Sony confirms the new console, not some website feeding rumors to people who actually want information.

  2. lol when will ps4 launch……… quit getting your panties in a knot…..everyone is saying 2014 or beyond….ps3 is still a killer system and not that old yet calm down people

  3. All i can say is i hope this bad mofo is backwards compatible with ps3, ps2 and ps1 games. i hope they stop putting all those games in the Playstation store, when we could just pop the disc in and play it. But i doubt it, since they wanna keep making money.

    1. That pic is fake too. Sony has released ZERO official concepts. Nice try though. I don’t even think the people that run that site know what they’re talking about. Their countdown is based on nothing,

  4. kaabang abang nga yan kung totoong ganun talaga kalalabasan ng ps4…. cge hindi na ako makapag hintay na lumabas kung kaylan man yan, at sana maglabas narin sila ng balita kung kaylang taon lalabas yan….cge sony ilampaso nyo yung mga ka kumpetensya nyo… hahaha……..

  5. What are you talking about “doesn’t appear to be more powerful then the xbox 360″ are they comparing cross platform games? Of course then it wouldn’t look more powerful because developers create the games for xbox then port them to ps3.
    You tell me xbox can handle Uncharted 3, or Metal Gear Solid 4 or Grand Turismo 5. It can’t, xbox can’t even handle a 1080p image, let alone stereoscopic 3D  for that matter.
    Its like a heard in a previous interview, the ps3 has yet to be used to its full potential, if you look at xbox games now, that’s as good as the games are going to look, the system has been around for over 5 years now and its been pushed to its limits. However, you look at the games for ps3 on release date, and now, and they aren’t even comparable. So in a few more years you’ll see ps3 games will look better, and better, and better but only if developers really want to push the ps3 to its limits.

  6. I just hope they dont use that hideous control. It is ugly as hell and they had the same crisis when PS3 came out. They wanted to create a different elongated controller but decided that the classic was best. Why go through the same thing again when in the end, if they are intelligent, they will stick with what they know.

  7. Not sure what’s really next? More Graphics? or what?
    new methods for controlling and interacting?
    from PS2 to PS3 it was a huge leap! but…..I guess I am not seeing the “big picture here” nevertheless I remain as a PS Fan I’m not sure what will be the next “big deal” on a new GEN console… I hope there is a huge leap from PS3 to 4 otherwise….what’s the point? 

    1.  PS3 Graphics and Loading times are total SHIT compared to any standard gaming PC. Look at Skyrim for example: PS3 Version has washed out crappy textures and 20-30sec Loadingtimes. PC Version has HighRes-EyeCandy-Textures and 5-10sec Loading Times… so yeah please PS4! I would throw my PS3 away today and buy a PS4 instantly.

      Yeah i know kiddos gonna flame me ‘cos as teenager you dont have the money as a grown up like me with a well paid job :P and want to hold on their system as long as possible ^^

      1.  To all the: Shut up and Play PC – Haters:
        I would love a console that could deliver PC Graphics and Loading Times AND also Mod-ability (like there is thousands of user created mods for Skyrim on PC but none on PS3) because with a console i can chill on a couch instead of uncomfortably in front of a PC Desk.

    1.  the model of the PS4 isn’t real, correct, but show me the article when they “denied” ever making a new system. last i read, they just said they were in no hurry. there are articles everywhere now that the ps4 is in production, but most likely won’t hit shelves until 2014ish.

  8. the controller don’t adappt to the shape of the hand, so its gona be a kind of super computer i just hope sony remembers that the PLAY STATION is a video game console not a weird machine wich videogames will be the last thing to do on it.

    1. Dude, are you fuckin’ kiddin me?, it’s about time for another console.. take a look at their M.O. ,.. in fact, they’re kinda’ delayed on this System.. it’s been always 6 years between the launch of each one.

  9. Aghhh como serán de pendejos todos lo que supecomputer quiere decir es que si quieren mejores gráficas se van a tener que amarrar un wuevon bola de pendejos

  10. bueno este ps4 estara mucho mejor sus graficas estaran estupendas ,como las movies en blu-ray 3d como lo dice como una computadora claro podras ver algunos formatos k solo las compus tienen ,claro el ps3 es como una mini-computadora pork puedas descargar peliculas  juegos ,musica,videos  etc.entonces no digamos como estara este ps4 osea es mejor estar informados y k algunos dicen puras bobadas pok no tienen k decir………

    1.  Hard to take your comment seriously when you make the English language your bitch and use words like “dis” “call’d” “itz” “dun” and “dat”.

  11. If anyone watched E3 this year they would know that ps4 wont be out for a while they were talking about plans for ps3 for the next few years. Plus Sony would release any info about it on E3 like it has the last few releases, and when they release the info your prob still looking at least a year from when they reveal it

  12. I Really hope that this isn’t the real Joypad…c’mon, the device is the same since the first Play Station, and it’s just perfect…i don’t give a flying f*** about the console design, but they can’t change the Pad

  13. u people who think thats the design of ps4  have to be pretty stupid its someones design of what they would want  im almost certain they will have the same controller  but probably with better capabilities look to your right there is 10 designs people have made up so obviously they havnt made anything public about it a shut up and wait for it  sick of hearing is that what it looks like  readdd and u will see

  14. isn’t this fan art from like right after 2008? cause ive seen this picture a lot before and it always had a disclaimer next to it so why is every one freaking out about the controller? 

  15. This’ll be amazing, if it’s true, I hope it will be. But I was look forward to touchscreen controllers and consoles, but this’ll go good too, if it comes out. I’ll be waiting my ass off for this. :D

  16. When is the PS4 coming to us? :) Not a fan of the look of it though. What is going to be the big advantage over the current consoles out other than it will be fast? We have great graphics, great games in general. Is 3D going to get an even larger part of this new console? What about virtual reality? That would be the next big jump I would think in consoles across the board.

  17.  I want it to be Cartridge style & incorporate the PCB’s just like the arcades! I want no loading/load real fast like N64, SEGA’s & The arcade days

  18. muy bueno sobretodo el hadware asi que esta consola aunque nadie la conosca es un merecedor honorario de un supremo 10 ademas se merce decir que estara muy buena

  19. as long is it retains backwards compatibility and its primary purpose is gaming, and it is wallet friendly im fine
    oh and lose the bomerang. didnt you try that last time and failed? original controler is an icon.

  20. the original controller is an also an icon of the PlayStation series its better not to mess with it…

    and how the hell are you gonna hold that banana?? its kinda awkward just saying…

  21.  I hope thew will do cartridge
    style & let it load straight away just like the arcade, Super
    Nintendo, Sega related & N64 days. You folks feel me? Incorporate a
    PCB/Arcade board. Whatever you wanna call it.

  22. Oh…my God, Wii gonna win again and sony will los a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of money. Thay need to learn the lesson. Videogames are about people…if people cant pay for them, its over… The bigger your console is, the bigger its price goes; and thats a shame because now, when they really are seeling the ps3  and the launching the real deal games…now they’re thinking in PS4….

    hahahaha…see you in hell Sony, you too ShitBOX 7200000000000000000000. Sad but true.

  23. They should really not rush the development of this console. I mean, they should expand the PS3′s lifespan even more, just like it’s little bro the PS2. If they let the XBOX 720 release first, nothing would change if the PS4 was the best console ever right? It sell more, despite the time it was released if it was more developed and took more time to be released. 

    1.  Its classic Sony dude. They show some pics of controllers to freak people out then turn around and go with their classic controller which everyone knows and loves.

  24. Well, one thing is for sure : The Cell processor of the Ps3 actually gives it an advantage over the Xbox 360 in terms of graphics…….. The problem is that not many game developers make games that use the Cell processor’s power to the max……. The Xbox 360 can never reach the graphics of games like Uncharted 3.

  25. The next PS4 will be totally wicked sick! The controller’s look different, more detailed and new color, also the System!!! Its so Futuristic!!! I LOVE it!!! its so awesome!!! My favorite image was the 2nd image with the system laying down with square like controllers!

  26. Lol.. Xbox 360 cant never reach those graphics? Oh boy, you are so ignorant. Always complaining about xbox and play, let me go straigh and tell you something. In terms of GAMES ( GAMEPLAY ) Xbox 360 it is above the ps3.. PS3 its more likely a computer. And about the graphics…. xbox 360 has a hardware accelerator in the video card wich ps3 hasnt.. EAT IT MOTHA FUKA, AND I HAVE BOTH, PS3 XBOX 360 AND ALSO A WII , so stop talking nonsense about the xbox if you barely has played one

    1.  Wow so Xbox 3shity I mean 360 has a hardware accelerator in the video card and its graphics are still about the same if not worse in my opinion then the Ps3. Whats that tell you?


      Microsoft any day

      Eat that!!!!

  27. no q esta bien otro 
    PlayStation para  asi poder entretenernos mas en algo y que si se puedan usar los juegos del playstation 3 en el 4 pero q les agan mas graficos reales como los del ps3 porque si lo comparamos con el xbox360 no es nada contra el ps3 y para que le agan mas juegos de guerra con mas accion y disparos para los amos del disparo….

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  30. Choosing AMD as a partner is a fantastic move that can offer them significant console cost savings while trying out a new design, an integrated cpu/gpu designed for high-end graphics performance.

    I normally bash Sony, and still do because this decision comes far too late to make a real difference, but kudos to them for making this basic realization.

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