The most realistic PlayStation 4 Concept Sony should notice

Jan 30, 2013, Feature , News , PS4 By Saurav

With all the news of a new PlayStation console being in development and Sony pegged to announce it between now and E3 this year, the hype is pretty high.

In such testing times, a lot of concepts and designs by freelance designers are doing the rounds but this particular PlayStation 4 concept stands out for us.

Despite being designed to perfection, it also looks very realistic and Sony can definitely take a leaf out of this designer’s book.

We’ll let you decide if it’s any good or not. View the gallery below and let us know if you would like the PlayStation 4 to be like this.

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26 Responses to “The most realistic PlayStation 4 Concept Sony should notice”

  1. MrSpoiler15 says:

    Not digging it. Controllers are nice though.

  2. Jack says:

    Looks like shit.

  3. Bo Diggity says:

    It’s not even deep enough to take the discs.

  4. Gar bage lets get back to 2013 not 2045

  5. Mike Ockizard says:

    Aesthetically, it looks nicer than 99% of fan concept designs I have seen. I especially like the look of the controller. The console though, like most concepts, isn’t really feasible. For one, the vast majority of people don’t have room for a stand-up console under their TV’s. However, what would be great is if they went with a similar design than actually hinged just above the base, and you could pivot it up and down between positions. Add that, beef it up a tad, and change the profile slightly, and I would say we have a winner! Oh yeah, and add a disk slot that could actually accept a disk….

    • You did a nice job with adding extra space between the two anaglog sticks but i myself would of added space between the anaglog sticks & the 4 face buttons & broken arrow d-pad to avoid accidental collusion.Also i would of added a mat finish to the entire controller for extra grip,slightly concave face buttons,slightly concave anaglog sticks,slightly concave front shoulder buttons,sega dreamcast like rear triggers & light weight but ergonomically more rounded off edges & rounded off depth to fit hands more comfortably.

      P.S.My personal experiences comes from personally owning several generals of consoles & various 1st party,2nd party & 3rd party controllers of all types,sizes,shapes etc. etc.. etc… for every single one of those consoles.

      From womb to tomb a gamer 4-life!!

  6. I think it looks pretty cool and sleek. But There is the factor that it is way to slim to even fit the modern technology they are talking about putting in there. This guy is a good graphics designer. But he obviously doesn’t know the volume the components will take up. I don’t get why people like the controller so much. They have used the same shape for 3 consoles now. I don’t think it’s going to change

  7. MyMomCallsMeA4LetterWord says:

    I enjoyed your view of YOUR version of how he/she thinks the PS4 looks (if they will call it that). I am and have many talents – one being an engineer. I don’t think the BluRay disk will fit in the disk drive correctly. I’m sorry to say the bay drive looks too shallow.

    Don’t get me wrong…I ENJOYED the video. Hell, if I was Sony I would even look at your video and TRY to make it a reality. Hell, I think that Sony should have a competition with 5 lucky winners to design a PS version (granted it would work) and give those winners their own version and make a limited edition of those models… Maybe 10,000 total – so like 2,000 per each winner and sell them for, what $100 more or so – just because.

  8. yung_rottz says:

    idk why they bother asking 70% of the gaming community btich about anything anyway

  9. Ishmal says:

    it looks nice,great :)

  10. maxinthefax says:

    this look like shitty tron inspired design

  11. maxinthefax says:

    i’ve noticed that lately all the people have this craze about TRON legacy i just wanna see the creator/director of this movie and F*** HIM IN THE A**

  12. Jim Lahey says:

    controllers look horrible. no triggers? why would i want that?

  13. Ludakriss says:

    Looks beautiful. Just, one thought if I may.

    If there is in fact something or someone that can run this industry to the ground, it will undoubtedly be – the internet. Or rather, people using it.

    Well, that or bankruptcy xDDD

  14. Felipe Victor says:

    Que massa veei!

  15. LucasBasural says:

    We’re all here because of the naked girl thumbnail (?

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