Batman: Arkham Origins Contest Winners

Monday,November 4, 2013By Debabrata Nath


First and foremost, we would like to thank every single one of you who took part in our Batman: Arkham Origins Contest and would like to inform you that, thanks to your support, this turned out to be our biggest contest yet in terms of entries received. We received a total of 654 entries which is overwhelming and we promise to hold more contests in days to come.

Without further delay, here are the names of the winners -

1) Saurav Kumar – New Delhi

2) Aviral Kumar – New Delhi

3) Anshu Prasad – Mumbai

4) Binamra Kalita – Guwahati

5) Pinky Agrawal – Bangalore

We’ve emailed all winning participants with the required details. Kindly get back to us asap. You can also comment below or email us at [email protected] if you need any help claiming your prizes.

Thank you again for your participation and we will have our review of the game live soon. Thanks e-Xpress for giving us the chance to bring a smile to the faces of few of our readers.

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