Crysis 3 PS3 Box Art and Hunter Edition Details

By Charly Pierre On April 16, 2012 News PS3 comments


EA  has released the official box art of the upcoming game Crysis 3 and the Hunter Edition which will offer you alot of contents if you pre-order yours today.Check the details down below

“Crysis 3 is an exciting mix of sandbox gameplay, complex battles and high-tech weapons of humans and aliens – shooter fans will love it,” said Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, “Thanks to the latest CryENGINE technology. We can deliver seven unique themed worlds that offer exciting and visually stunning gameplay experiences. We can not wait for people to keep the game finally in hand. “


Crysis 3 Hunter Edition

If you pre-order you Crysis 3 Hunter Edition  today,the Hunter Edition will offers single-player and multiplayer the following content below:

  • Early access to the new brand, the arch, including arch-essays (SP).
  • Hunter Nanosuit module, which gives added strength and functionality (SP).
  • Bonus XP in order to enter Stage 5 (MP)
  • Unique arc-skin and three exclusive dog tags with Hunter theme (MP).

When you pre-order The  Hunter Edition , it  also l offer you the following early multiplayer unlocks:

  • The Stalker-pack contains the following multiplayer unlocks: For players who like to track their opponents out of the shadow, stalker, the multiplayer pack for early access to the lethal, semi-automatic shotgun Jackal. The delivery of this powerful shotgun for short distances include a silencer attachment, weapon skins and its own two exclusive dog tags.
  • The overkill pack contains the following multiplayer unlocks: Early multiplayer access to assault weapons and Typhoon skin. The assault weapon fires at a rate of 500 rounds per second. In addition, two exclusive dog tags are included.
  • The Predator Pack contains the following multiplayer unlocks: Early access to multi-machine gun with an exclusive feline stealth. With their extremely high rate of fire and a 60-round magazine, the feline is extremely effective at close range and killed.



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