PS4 Dual Camera Better Than Today’s Kinect

Feb 08, 2013, News, PS4 By Samantha Earwood

The PS4′s dual camera is said to be an HD eye toy instead of a Kinect device. It contains a pair of wide-angled cameras with resolution of 1280 x 720P.

Sounds is processed by a 4 microphone array working at 48 Khz.

What the camera can do:

  • Recognize the user and log in system
  • Video chat
  • Head and hand tracking for games

Body tracking for the new camera is still uncertain.

We have a good guess that the camera will be bundled with the PS4.

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7 Responses to “PS4 Dual Camera Better Than Today’s Kinect”

  1. Juan Cerda says:

    Enough with the speculation, WE WANT FACTS.

  2. None says:

    Um… If it’s uncertain, what makes it better than Kinect? Seriously, although the articles have interesting news the poor writing and the sensational titles are annoying.

  3. Daywalker says:

    If upcoming Hardware is not better than actual, somthing went wrong!

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