Rockstar Gets Hit With Another File Suit For GTA 5 From Karen Gravano

Feb 26, 2014, News By Dennis Patrick

Rockstar is no stranger to controversy. Their video game titles has always been in the limelight for one reason or another. Recently their latest release Grand Theft Auto V managed to sell over a billion dollars in just three days. The game has been breaking world records all over one of the more prominent ones being the biggest media launch in history.

Not all is glam with the popularity of their title. Rockstar has been hit with law suit after law suit. Actress Lindsay Lohan had filed a suit claiming her likeness was used without permission and even rapper Daz Dillinger filed a suit for use of two of his songs without permission, Daz is asking or more money or the remaining copies of the game be destroyed.

You may have heard of the show Mob Wives a show that goes over the lives of women who were related in someway shape or form in the mob. Karen Gravano happens to be the daughter of Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano. Karen believes the GTA 5 video game has stole her story. Within the game a random mission will pop up featuring a character named Antonia Bottino who is in need of help and the safe return to her father Sammy (Sonny) Bottino.

According to the file suit, Karen Gravano is looking for a total of $40 million from Rockstar. $20 million will be for compensation with an additional $20 million for punitive damages. What do you think, do you feel Karen Gravano should receive the $40 million she’s looking for?

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13 Responses to “Rockstar Gets Hit With Another File Suit For GTA 5 From Karen Gravano”

  1. If that's the case then everyone should sue rock star, she's so desperate to cash in, like come on now is rockstar suppose to know every dumb broke celebrity s past come now.

  2. Johan Kym says:

    I should sue Rockstar.. There's probably a fat guy in the game that is based on my life story!

  3. Bitch is thirsty for some of that gta money, plus she should be happy they even used her snitch ass pops story.shes a glorified celebrity making a name off her father

  4. Fuking bitches! Stop sueing gtav!

  5. I LOVE PS4
    how about pc?
    can you give me information about gta V on pc..? please

  6. I'm gonna sue rockstar. They stole my life story. I'm a small town guy wanting to make it big one day…Hey that Franklin guy sounds like me.

  7. No. And I hope she dies very soon.

  8. I play video games and Micheal's son plays video games clearly Rockstar stole my life story also Uncharted was about a man who travels the world in search of lost treasures and what do you know? So do I, guess I never thought of suing these people I don't have much time on my hands with my job working for an elite group of super-soldiers who save the world from evil aliens.

  9. Berto Santana You don't know that…I could be black under these bandages and just burnt white >>

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