Sony May Not Announce The PS4 February 2013

Feb 05, 2013, News, PS3, PS4 By Samantha Earwood

From the moment Sony announced their February 20th event, the news reports have all came to the idea that the event will be the announcement of the PS4. Most of this information originates from a Wall Street Journal article that cites “sources” but nothing more. There is a possibility this announcement will not be the big PS4 reveal everyone is expecting.

The Wall Street Journal reported this February 20th event will show off new PS4 hardware. The reporter stated that “through sources” and nothing else, that Sony would be showing off hardware, not specifically a console or the next console. The rest of the information from Wall Street Journal seems to be a culmination of the rumored specs that have been circulating the internet.  They also said this console is supposed to have more social networking features, be more powerful than the next Xbox 360, and be able to leap all buildings in a single bound.

First off, here’s the video teaser that was released for those of you who’ve missed it.



Here are nine possible reasons why Sony may not be revealing the PS4 just yet.


The Announcement Only Said The Future of PlayStation, It Could Be Anything

The announcement video doesn’t actually say anything but the date.  The four symbols have electricity through them, but other than that, there’s nothing that can be deduced from the video.  The blog labeled the video “See The Future”, yet the future could be focused on anything, including software.  Other than that, there’s just links to collect E-mails from potential consumers.


Sony is still releasing new variations of the PS3

Sony just recently announced a new God of War PS3 bundle that is garnet red, rather than the usual black. In Japan, there are blue and red variations available. The latest PS3 model revision was announced just last year before the holidays.  This goes along with the fact the prices still haven’t fallen with these new models.



Price of the PS3 hasn’t hit mass market yet

Many consider the price of under $200 and closer to $150 to be the mass market price for a gaming console.  At that point, buying a new console will be more of a impulse rather than a major buying decision.  Both the Wii and Xbox 360 have hit this point, but the least expensive PS3 is still $250.


Upcoming Unreleased Games

There are still a couple of high profile games for the PS3 that haven’t been released yet, but with a possible rumored PS4 release in the Fall, Sony would be taking a lot of care to make sure they shoot themselves in the foot.  Quantic Dream’s Two Souls: Beyond still has no release date but is still listed for the PS3, and Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V is coming out in September.


New Playstation Store online

If you haven’t seen it yet, Sony put a full PSN store online that can be accessed through a web browser.  It works as expected, and buying games on it will allow you to download the game to the PS3. It does seem strange to create this nice updated store, make it easy to buy any game, yet force someone to go home to the PS3 to download it. It would be a better experience to be able to play the game instantly.  This would be more of a software enhancement rather than hardware. There was once service that did allow instant game access called Gaikai.

Playstation Store Online


Sony’s Purchase of Gaikai for $380 Million

Sony purchased Gaikai for a sum of $380 million. Gaikai was making deals with Samsung to extend the service directly onto televisions and extending it’s presence.  It’s possible that Sony was given a similar offer; Sony saw a bigger picture and purchased them instead.  The Gaikai service could be re-branded as the new PSN, PlayStation Network powered by Gaikai and add instant gaming experiences to just about any machine running a web browser.  Plus, consumers could then buy a game and play it instantly online.


A Gaikai app could be used to bypass the PS3′s limited ram

It has been well documented that the PS3 has limited RAM for the OS.  Instead of running it through the browser, Sony could release a Gaikai app for the PS3 similar to that of Netflix or Hulu.  Bypass the browser, solve the problem, the hardware could still be used without being upgraded. This extends the longevity of the current consoles and keeps them relevant. If the power of the next PlayStation is really as amazing as being boasted, then that would be expensive to produce, and the longer they wait, the price of the parts decrease. They save more money the longer they wait.


Anti-Piracy Patent Also Assigns Games To Individual Accounts

The anti-used games patent that Sony filed a month back could be a red herring.  After reviewing the patent, the system they are developing locks games to individual accounts regardless of whether or not the game is bought in a store or through digital distribution.  This could be the secret to the PSN updates. The game could literally follow you anywhere  like Uncharted and Infamous.


Getting more games on more platforms means more sales

Sony has been working the idea of the PS Mobile, a single gaming app that works across multiple devices and delivers a consistent gaming experience. They’ve been struggling to push this initiative on the mobile front, but who’s to say the vision is only limited to just mobile.  Giving gamers without PS3 funds the ability to buy The Last of Us and play it on their browser is still a win for Sony.



All of these reasons are just speculation, just as the PS4 announcement itself came from just a “source”.  Even with these reasons, Sony could still announce a more powerful console that’s more expensive than the last at a time when people are holding on to their limited funds.  They could also announce new PS Move hardware or the release date for The Last Guardian and Two Souls: Beyond.  It could even just be a way to get consumers to sign up to their mailing list. We will all find out in due time.

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31 Responses to “Sony May Not Announce The PS4 February 2013”

  1. CoDPro says:

    how about your accounts on ps3 would it just transport to the ps4 or would you make a new account

  2. benbenkr says:

    ” If the power of the next PlayStation is really as amazing as being boasted, then that would be expensive to produce, and the longer they wait, the price of the parts decrease. They save more money the longer they wait.”

    Emmm… not always the case. RAM prices just went back up.

    • Oldassgamer says:

      Get ready for the era of gaming contracts, similar to your cell phone contracts. Sign-up for 2 years of PS+ and you’ll get the console relatively cheap (say $299), Microsoft is already doing it. You can get an XBOX for $99 with a 2 year subscription to XBL. Also, get ready for the price of PS+ to go up, and probably the end of free online gaming.

  3. AndrewFlores says:

    Sony would be mad if they didn’t announce the PS4 at this meeting. So much momentum is in their favor right now, and a lot of fans would surely disappointed. Good read!

  4. Roger says:

    Sony -> Overhype and underdeliver all the way.
    I pray for Sony that it is a relaunch of the Vita, because that one is already dead, like the PSP Go and Xperia Play before it. The PlayStation brand is dying fast!

  5. Ftard says:

    U R an IDIOT This guy just wants traffic to his shitty site…

    • Kevin Femmel says:

      1. You clearly didn’t even read the author’s name.

      2. So what? Author has an opinion that may be a bit unique and extreme, who are we to tell them to not leverage it in a way that generates more traffic? They’re trying to get more fans/money/notoriety/etc. So we have the right to tell them how to do it? As if we know?

  6. ruefrak says:

    The one thing you need to take into account when making your analysis is that the Wall Street Journal is actually an organization with journalistic integrity. When they say they have a “source” they mean they actually have a real, honest to God source who is familiar with the matter. They don’t, and won’t rely on some anonymous email they get randomly. They’re not like a number of gaming focused sites that will take the faintest whiff of rumor and declare it fact in order to be the first one to report it. So if WSJ is saying the PS4 will be announced, then it will probably be announced. And if Sony wasn’t planning on announcing it on the 20th, they better change their plans fast. Not announcing it now would be a PR catastrophe.

  7. Dr.Evil says:

    Calling investors to the meeting is no joke. Anyway, I get your idea about upcoming PS3 games and stuff. But, you have to understand that the PS3 Console market is over 70 Million units worldwide and no one would abandon a chance like that and invest their game on a newly released console. More than that, Sony wouldn’t even think of abandoning a console of that much sales…(Take the history of PS2). There will be games for the PS3 for another two years or so until the new console catches the fire. That’s how it’s been… and that’s how it will be!

  8. “Most of this information originates from a Wall Street Journal article that cites “sources” but nothing more. ‘

    That is your whole argument. Really. You did absolutely nothing in research other than present us with your terrible opinion. WSJ has sources. You have nothing.

    Come back when you learn to blog/report.

    • Kevin Femmel says:

      Come back when you learn to leave things you don’t like alone and stop trying to put people down on the web for simply trying. I get it, you don’t like the author’s opinion. Cool story dude.

      WSJ has been wrong in the past and anything is possible. Last second delays, etc. They aren’t the be all, end all.

      Is the PS4 likely to show up on Feb 20th? Yes. But there is no need to be a complete jerk to those who have opinions that this may not happen then.

      Obviously this is a smaller blog/site so no need to put them down. They’re working hard and people are allowed a few missteps. If you don’t like it then ignore it. No one forced you to read it or comment.

  9. Siraris says:

    Good ol’ Playstationgang, they sure have their finger on the pulse of the industry! I love how the internet allows for sites like this to sprout up out of the ether, where two guys with nothing better to do with their time can regurgitate information from other sources, and make baseless conjectures in order to garner hits to their site.

    Numerous people with credibility have stated the Playstation 4 is being shown on February 20th. Do you really believe that Sony would announce a new Playstation 3 variant at this point in the game (when console sales are plummeting every day) and even if they did, they’d make a huge press event out of it? Do you really believe that Sony would organize a huge event, attended by retailers and the press, to show off their new online store design? Do you really think the “future of Playstation” is Gaikai, and that Sony would be speccing 8 core processors on their new console, just to have all the hard work be done by servers at a data center?

    And what the hell does Anti-piracy, and PS Mobile, have to do with why the Playstation 4 wouldn’t be announce on February 20th?

    If you want to make a name for yourselves on the net as the “premier Playstation fan site” I’d suggest thinking through your posts a little more, and actually posting meaningful, and relevant information.

    • DarthDiggler says:

      @twitter-18890661:disqus Website’s don’t come from the ETHER. They come from hard work and lots of content creation. Suggesting that this entity doesn’t have a valid opinion is stupid.

      One thing that I applaud this author for is at least not using absolute language in her writings and not deeming her speculation (which she fully discloses) as news. So lets have a sense of proportion here.

      The speculation she provided isn’t all that bad and showcases that the author has been paying attention to what is going on.

      I just think that in light of how Sony teased this event it would be a huge let down to many people if it was not the PS4. While we are on the topic of improvement if you would like to be a better commenter perhaps you should comment on the merits of the article and not what you think the article says.

    • Asskicku4ever says:

      This is just an opinion piece. I hope you realize that.

      • Siraris says:

        I understand this is an opinion piece, Asskicku4ever. The thing is, when someone writes and publishes an opinion piece, it’s invariably one that is at least founded in logic, and with a thread that provides some sort of benefit to the discussion. For example, if I were to write an opinion piece on why the Playstation 4 wasn’t going to be announced on February 20th, I would construct an argument pointing to factual inaccuracies, or historical precedence, or relating my experience with companies launching new products and how Sony’s moves up until this point don’t point towards an announcement. I wouldn’t post an opinion piece that literally has only one topical opinion – that it said the future of Playstation, which could be any number of things – and then go off on some bizarre tangent about… I honestly can’t even say what.

        Everyone has an opinion on the internet. In fact, I’m writing an opinion piece as we speak. The key is to construct opinions that are factual, relevant and that change peoples perspectives. Otherwise, you might as well just post your thoughts on a YouTube video and go about your life.

    • Kevin Femmel says:

      Lay off dude. Its an opinion piece. So you don’t want people to have the freedom to put their personal takes on gaming news online? If you don’t like it simply ignore it. Quit bullying them for having an opinion.

      None of the things stated above are ‘baseless conjecture’ at all. The Vita needs help and could use a slew of new game announcements and a price cut. I’d say that would qualify as ‘the future of Playstation’ just as much as a new home console.

      Infact, they have all the time in the world this year and leading up to E3 to announce a new console whereas the Vita needs help ASAP. I’d say this event could be just as much about a rebranding or ‘relaunch’ of the Vita as it will be about the pS4.

      I believe this event will show the PS4 personally but that doesn’t stop me from acknowledging a wide range of other scenarios that could play out. Just because you don’t like someone else’s opinion on the web doesn’t make that opinion bad.

      • Siraris says:

        It’s an opinion piece? What exactly is the opinion? That this person with little to no credibility has an opinion that the Wall Street Journal – one of the most well respected periodicals on the face of the Earth – is wrong? Well, let’s cast aside the fact that I don’t know why anyone would put much faith into someone who has little to no credibility on anything relating to this field, what exactly do the bullet points after this suggestion, prove? Let’s take this gem for example:

        “The anti-used games patent that Sony filed a month back could be a red herring. After reviewing the patent, the system they are developing locks games to individual accounts regardless of whether or not the game is bought in a store or through digital distribution. This could be the secret to the PSN updates. The game could literally follow you anywhere like Uncharted and Infamous.”

        What in the world does this have to do with the Playstation 4 being announced on February 20th?

        Wait, even better: Sony released a web version of PSN, but you can’t download games instantly to your PS3, so obviously this is a sign that… the future of Playstation is Gaikai because Gaikai let you download games instantly. And because they have developed the concept of PS Mobile, Sony can let you download games like The Last of Us on your browser (even though PS Mobile is for mobile devices, and The Last of Us is written for the Playstation 3, and thus not playable on a computer). Uh, what? In what reality does ANY of this make sense?

        I also don’t know where you’re getting a reference to the Vita, as it wasn’t even mentioned in the topsy turvy trip down the rabbit hole that is this article. And yes, the Vita needs help. The thing is, if you step back and think logically, you’d realize that holding a large event, inviting retailers and members of the press, just to announce a price drop for the Vita, or a new game for the Vita, isn’t exactly an intelligent use of resources, or necessary, since… you know… you could just drop the price and put out a press release.

  10. DarthDiggler says:


    Care to put your money where your mouth is?

    I will put $100 up if you really don’t think that there is some PS4 related announcement on February 20th.

    • Lol. Your post made me laugh.

      I’m afraid I won’t be putting my money up on something opinion based, but I will say that if the PS4 is announced anywhere for the public to know about, it will be at E3 2013.

      There has been a lot of trolling on Twitter from Playstation producers, employees, etc about the PS4. They want all the hype they can get on it.

      I’m just saying don’t be surprised if they don’t show the PS4 at the meeting. For years now, there have been concepts made for the PS4, but Sony constantly says wait until 2014-2016. The PS3 has a lot of life left, and they know it. That’s why I don’t think they’re ready to put the PS4 out there just yet.

  11. guest says:

    I considered your points until the PSN store thing. Why the F*CK would you just be able do download the games and play them on pc? It’s playstation store, not steam. Xboxlive works the exact same way where you buy the game license online and it ties to your account, then it queues the download onto the next console you log into. For playstation, this would mean vita, psp, ps3, ps4, or whatever. That sounds like a perfectly fine setup to me.

    I think you should stay in bad journalism, as opposed to botched analytics.

  12. Kevin Femmel says:

    You should credit Kotaku for the image. I believe it originated from them, was made by them and even has the same name as the same image you can easily find on their site.

  13. stryke says:

    The event is called Playstation MEETING. All past meetings have been about revealing NEW HARDWARE. Not only press, but investors are invited to the event. Can you connect the dots?

  14. kolaz says:

    I hope you’re right………..

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