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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4 Box Art Revealed, Set In The Year of 2054

By Charly Pierre On May 3, 2014

Sledgehammer Games unveiled the next Call of Duty title May 2nd. Originally, the game were supposed to revealed to the word May 4th, sadly i... read more


New PlayStation 4 Limited Pack Boxart Revealed

By Charly Pierre On October 7, 2013

Sony revealed the first PS4 limited box art which looks completely different to the original. However, this limited edition will be availab... read more


Destiny Box Art Revealed

By Magadala See On June 11, 2013

Companies Bungie and Activision has collaborated together to create the next big game, Destiny. The game has a science fiction setting with ... read more


Saint’s Row IV: PS3 box-art revealed; purple overdose

By Saurav On May 31, 2013

There seems to be an overdose of purple in the new box-art that has been revealed for the upcoming Saint’s Row IV. Seems a bit odd but... read more


Box Art Revealed for Upcoming PS4 Games: Madden 25, FIFA 14, and NBA Live 14

By Magadala See On May 30, 2013

EA Sports is supporting the upcoming launch for the PS4 coming soon this year by releasing four games. When the PS4 comes out, three out of ... read more


PSG Line Up: April 1st – 7th

By Samantha Earwood On April 11, 2013

Watch as I talk about the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC map pack,  the new Doom 4, and how Rage 2 has been cancelled. You wi... read more


Grand Theft Auto V: Official Cover Art Released

By Charly Pierre On April 2, 2013

Rockstar Games has finally unveiled the box art for Grand Theft Auto V. The image that was spotted in New York City mural  a couple of day... read more


Grand Theft Auto V Box Art Release Revealed

By Charly Pierre On April 1, 2013

Rockstar has  announced today  that Grand Theft Auto V  box art its almost completed. The box art will be revealed sometime this week. A... read more