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Powers TV Series Coming To PSN

By Jose Aranda On August 19, 2014

The strength of digital distributors as a platform for TV shows has been growing. Netflix and Hulu have put out popular TV shows and now Son... read more

Infamous Second Son

[UPDATE] Jaime Griesemer Leaves Sucker Punch Productions

By Dennis Patrick On March 18, 2014

Revealed over Twitter, Jaime Griesemer has announced that he has left Sucker Punch Productions. Jaime has worked on several popular titles f... read more


FPS Games and Their Players

By Tyler Kober On December 11, 2013

Now the Call of Duty as well as the Team Fortress 2 pictures are  pretty accurate, we are going to have to disagree with the Halo image tho... read more


September 2014 arrives with Destiny for PS4 & PS3

By Manjul Jani On December 7, 2013

Bungie’s next AAA title Destiny will launch next year in September as per the Bungie website. Bungie, who once upon a time made the flagsh... read more


Naughty Dog recruits former ‘Halo’ dev

By Manjul Jani On November 26, 2013

Naughty Dog, Sony’s subsidiary, has found themselves a new employee who was previously a part of Microsoft’s Halo team. Corrinee Yu, who... read more