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PlayStation Plus May Update Released

By Dennis Patrick On April 23, 2014

PlayStation Plus subscribers can look forward to May. Sony has released an update to what video games will be available for download and pla... read more


Borderlands 3 Isn’t Being Developed…Yet

By Dennis Patrick On February 14, 2014

Gearbox is making several new video games at the current moment but Borderlands 3 isn’t one of them. Recently, Polygon had the chance ... read more

Beyond Good and Evil

Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel Downplays Graphics Importance Is In The Story

By Dennis Patrick On February 11, 2014

Recently, Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel spoke with Edge. During the interview, Ancel commented on the general direction in where the video ga... read more


6 Upcoming PS3 Games You Can’t Miss

By Saurav On August 7, 2013

The age of the PS3 is nearing its final desitnation. Our faithful gaming companion for so many years is finally coming to the end of its lif... read more


Six Upcoming Games You Should Play This Year

By Saurav On May 16, 2013

Holiday season is coming. With it comes a host of games which have been in development for long. The PS4 reveal and the subsequent slated re... read more