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This Might Be How PS4′s Graphics Will Look

Codemasters’ lead artist Mike Smith and Dead End Thrills techmaster Duncan Harris present a glimpse of the future for what PS4′s graphics will look like. They also stated what they’ll be capable of in terms of scale, lighting, landscapes, AI and procedural generation. The magazines claim this will be “six times the power”, Codemasters’ Smith says: “If you look at the amount of effort that goes into lighting at companies like Pixar, we’re quite some way away from being able to leverage that control. (But) once we have a toolset to do that, art directors can go crazy.”


Here are two images that will give you a glimpse of PS4′s future. Imagine, in just a few years, the PS4 will be announced and will have amazing graphics like this. Take a look at the pictures before you comment down below and tell us what you think is to come for PS4′s future.






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  1. If the ps4 games are gonna be amazing story wise, such as for example gta4 in my opinion and it has these graphics then yeah i’m stoked. It has a lot of potential, don’t mess it up!

  2. Graphics-wise? Yeah, pretty damned cool.. But Visuals is only a *SMALL* percentage of a gaming unit! Any ONE of these…hell really ALL of these come before Graphics:

    RESPONSIVENESS – How well does the game control flow from controller to what happens on the screen? How long of a lagtime between my pushing forward and fire does it take to run down the hall and shoot the hell outta what’s gonna kill me? Do I take off down the hall, only to get stabbed to death by a snail wielding a blade of grass before I can aim and pull the trigger on my phazon disintegrator ray?

    PLOT & FLOW – IE The Storyline…. The more in-depth and detailed the plot and story of a game, the better…let’s face it.  Between “You have to learn why you woke up in the middle of a mountain village with the brand of a North African Wildebeest  chained to a West European Dragon breathing fire.. Along the way discovering WHAT it has to do with memories of your presumably dead father..And WHY are you craving Barnaby Cola?!”  -and- “find weapon-get weapon-walk up to stuff-introduce stuff to business end of current weapon-repeat till >**< goes mad and jumps out the window bitching about the falsehood of cake.

    Develop games with a PLOT/STORY that doesn't make people believe that either 1000 monkeys were banging on 1000 typewriters for 100000000 seconds a day for 10000 days for the script of the game.. Or almost as bad, it was done by 50s- PORN writers ‘Plot of it all …’have lots of sex…walk around house…walk around blah—blah—blah—sexsexsex—blah-credits’

    Make it…and *KEEP IT* Backwards compatible with PS3, PS2, PSX, PS1, PS And please… DON’T make a zillion and one versions that basically upgrade one thing and DOWNGRADE just about everything else…
    Week 1: PS4 comes out… eleventy ba-jillion color capable, 4D ultrazemoc graphics display, 1/2TB HD, 6 eSATA ports, 4 USB3.x ports, Blu-ray RW, 12-in-1 Cardreader

    Week 2: New edition/version .. 11-baj color, 4D.. 1.2TB HD, 2 eSata ports, 2 USB 3.x ports. Comes in Matte Black, Red, Blue & Green….Only plays 1/4 of the PS4 games available or in development, only hooks up via UHDML capable TVs (due out 2035). +$300 to initial pricing.

    I think one of the WORST things they did with the PS3 was to Limit/REMOVE the compatibility to their older games. Don’t slowly phase out what MADE you what you are! That’s one of the reasons I searched for the OLDER PS3 models.. the last 80GB system that was fully/99.9% compat with PS2 & PS1 games, had the full range of USB ports, Included WiFi, AND full card-reading capabilities.

  3. I will be glad to hear something newo… if only you could KILL AN ENTIRE BATTLEFIELD TEAM on a BUILDING, by that I mean that the building of 2 or 3 floors or even more… can come down killling all of them inside. on a regular map.

  4. So much morons in here.. i’m ALL about the graphics. There is no other system with the POWER of PS3. I don’t care so much about the freaking plot/storyline. It’s the possibility to play a game like i was actually controlling something real.. not some f’ing paper doodle.

    And if there is going to be an improvement of AI, then i’m really pumped for the PS4 to come out.

  5. World I have a huge “rumour” about PS4…
    SONY PlayStation might
    unveil the PS4 this year on the E3 2012. How this could be possible?
    Well, Hideo Kojima could be the answer.

    Since Hideo Kojima is working on “Devil Project” (Devil
    comes from the word “Oni” in Japanese which might be on the tittle) -or
    project ogre- he always tried to proudly show sneak peeks of his job
    with pictures. He said that it will be a whole new experience, but also
    that he won’t be able to give more details because he might lose his

    Recently in a page was shown officially by SONY
    PlayStation an example of how the PS4 graphics will be. If you take a
    look to those pictures of the forest and the Hideo Kojima ones are too
    alike in the trees that shows. –The tropical Musaceae tree is common on
    the pictures leaked– also Kojima let us see new amazing features like
    creating avatars with the gamer’s face. And on interviews he constantly
    described the game as a never seen experience (might be because it will
    be in a new console?).

    A quick video of “Devil Project” was
    show last year on the E3 with the possible promising of showing the game
    on this coming E3 2012. If we take the tips and put the puzzle together
    it shows that the PS4 is not too far away to be released by SONY.

    I leave you the footnotes tips and tell me what you think…×225.jpg

    1. lets not forget that when call of duty came out there where 3 million copies sold for the xbox and only 1 milllion sold for the ps3. lmfao i think plenty of people own an xbox bro. and besides have you had to change your credit card yet? i mean you guys have been hacked like what 3 times?

      1.  yeah and Microsoft has never been hacked?  Pfff please bud.  Don’t even try and compare your shitbox to a Ps3.   Ps3 shreds anything xbox can and will ever do.  If ya don’t believe me look it up.   Enjoy your upscaled HD-DVD formatted games and I’ll enjoy my bluray formatted games.   Ohh and congrads getting wireless getting built into your system that only took what 4 years. 

        1. Well, I have had my Ps3 for three years now and has never broke down, still has great graphics, then you look at the Xbox which will break down for no apperent reason,and has shitty graphics compared to the ps3, in my opinion, ps3 is the best, and the ps4 will be even better.

      2. I take it that u own a xbox?? Bcuz thats all u xbox owners have to say about ps owners that we was hacked 3 times!!!! Xbox sucks and it will always sux soo keep on paying for ur connection….

        1. hahaah child we may be paying money for xbox live but at least we are geting the best out of our buck best online service alot more to do on xbox live service runs faster then crappy psn which lags like heck just face the facts that nintendo and MS is going to own next gen…

      3. the xbox has also been hacked, it just didn’t get as much attention. yes there are more xboxs out there but you also have to think about all the problems they have and hopw many people have had to replace their system2 to 4 times.

    1. people will buy it because sony makes amazing systems the only thing that holds people back is the prices they put on them., and what’s with the wii controller??? also what’s up your grammar???

  6. Not bad. Reminds me of Crysis and Battlefield to me. Prob some other games out there with good graphics as this but I think the graphics are better in the pics than FF. If I do see the next FF, hopefully it’ll have graphics like this. Though the graphics also seem to remind me of the new game, “The Last of Us,” for some reason. If the PS4 will be making its goal as a close resemblance to a PC, then I’m expecting some harddrive space to play some computer games as well like Starcraft, LoL, BlackLight Retribution, and more. 

    And please no bashing whether a Xbox is better than PS. Personally, I don’t care who wins or who loses: JUST PLAY A GAME THAT YOU LIKE WITHOUT BRAGGING WHICH IS BETTER IN TERMS OF ANYTHING AT ALL.

  7. All you kids are idiots. How can you say, the graphics don’t matter? That its all about the gameplay and… Storyline? DEVELOPERS MAKE UP THE GAMEPLAY, THE STORYLINE. The console is what makes the graphics. Capcom made Resident Evil, each one had very good gameplay and an amazing storyline. But ps1, dreamcast, gamecube… All had, what we would call it today, horrible GRAPHICS. So kids, pay attention.

    1. I still play PS1 games, not for the graphics, but because of the fun, to me it doesn’t matter because many games have too much graphics but no interesting storyline, wich makes the game boring after a few times played, and PS1 have been my childhood, i play sometimes because I like the game itself, not for the graphics

      1. Resident Evil 4 > Every other Resident Evil.
        Tried going back to the old ones. Nostalgia aside; the controls were awful & voice acting was painful.
        The only benefit is no Ashley screaming at you all the time, but I always hide her in a bin until the area is clear anyway…

        1. recently I play re 2 and 3 and not re4 is not better in any aspect at all, tank controls are perfect in the style of the game, the item management, the puzzles, the enemies, the save system, the real survival..
          And the only re that have awful voice acting is re1-

    2.  ok listen here TheDumbOne?,
      storyline is the key aspect of any game, the only times games are succesful sitout a storline is when they are coming from a very successful predecessors, games that come to mind? mw3. boring as hell, but it still sells, they are so many other gams realsed that are just passed by in an instant, why? yes they have great graphics, but the game sucks.. on another not, the super nintendo, 64 and the ps1 were the best years of gaming i ever had, i still play megaman, zelda, mario and and so many other games, the games from today lack the stroy aspect that games had back then, thats why so many game companies release terrible games now, hey focus on graphics and less on the actual freakin story…


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  10. ps4 would be cool if tthey intergrated real live people in the game………that be awsome in a shotter similer to the gamer and horror game similer to saw,silent hil,resident evil………ans so on

  11. So you gonna sell a new console in 2.000 bucks or more just to look like slighty better than PS3…wow you’re genius. hahahahahaa…this is the worst idea ever.

  12. PC graphics already look better than that…  Heck, the original Crysis looks about that good, and it was released in 2007.  Metro 2033 blows that out of the water.

  13. I have connects in Xbox, they tell me that there new system will screw into the light fixture and will use, four projectors to project and images onto each wall. Also, you will have a backpack that you will wear.It will tell the Xbox exactly were you are located in the room. The back pack uses lassers tape measures that shoot beams out to the walls to help calculate your position in the room. The gloves that are worn will use the same lassers to perform operations. I am waiting for the Xbox.

  14. i expected from Sony a lot more about ps4 but these graphics aren’t that good i think this all thing is fake Sony never reveal its new console specs and about graphics we will see and they will e a lot better than this

  15. I want both to be first class, good gameplay with bad graphic is sustainable. But Cool Graphic with bad Gameplay is torturing. Kind of like FF series recently.

  16. Want the perfect reality look game, get a knife and kill somebody, think of them as zombie. Nag.. nag… nag… We don’t need perfect reality graphic, we just gamers that want to enjoy the game and experience something that is impossible to have in the real world. Cheers and Respect !!!

  17. I don’t agree with some of you guys, it is for the next Playstation console generation, so dosen’t it should be much higher level than the other previous playstation consoles?. If you are stick with graphics you are familiar with, then that doesnt show any difference from the old ones. So i expect that this new console generation should be beyond our expectation, dont you guys agree?

  18. It’s not about Graphics for me, I’m more into the games, and their stability, like old times.. games were about storyline, gameplay, strategy, educative.. depend on player’s reaction and intellect…

    I’m buying a Wii  >_> to play Super Mario Bros again

  19. That is true, so what we hope for is that the next console should be way up high than any other previous consoles. Gameplay react with reality, storyline with wide progression, educative with vast knowledge, to put it simple, make that console that way beyond the limits for the gamers, that would be cool right?

  20. Its more than just graphics Zell -__- u know how many crappy games they made that have the best graphics and the most pathetic game play? Yeah, they need to work on both bcuz people like u r so focused on graphics other than game play itself…sad. & if u actually pay attention, graphics on the ps3 r basically about the same as pc…so i n my opinion, graphics cant b any better than what it is. “Don’t u agree”? 

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  25. the ps4′s graphic will not look like that its a fact stop trying to act like a PC because you will enver beat a high end pc my Intel core i7 2600k 12gb ram geforce GTX 550ti will kill this new lame playstation

    1. hating on console are we? Why can’t you just stop trolling and admit when your favorite little toy has a chance at being beat by another item out there. You’re acting like a COD fanboy or BF3 fanboy.

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    1. You do know that all the games shown at E3 were the PC versions? So those games are obviously high end PC. Consoles users are going to be quite let down. c:

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  30. im not impressed with the graphics. ive seen games of this generation like crysis, and battlefield 3 that have already accomplished the goal to have an amazing game, and graphics. Sorry ps4 but your nothing impressing if this is what your game engine is going to look like.

  31. i personally think that they should not make a new system and keep updating the one they got it’s perfectly fine with no glitches and great graphics but if the do they could make the ps4 be able to play ps3 games

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  34. gameplay is what makes a game what it is, but great graphics is what excels it above the rest. saying that only gameplay matters in a game is, well, not true, especially today. if that was the case, everyone would be playing pong and asteroids still.

  35. if you guys wanna complain about story and gameplay complain to the developers. it’s not sony’s, microsoft’s, or nintendo’s fault that developers have gotten lazy with their creative departments and put all their money into graphics. all this article tells us is that sony is doing their best to make it so the developers can make anything imaginable, ergo the best games ever. they learned their lesson and abandoned the difficult cell processor archetype so the devs can do whatever easily.

    let’s stop blaming the hardware manufacturers for the software manufacturers defects already. put extremely simply for the less sophisticated; graphic=playstation, games=ubisoft/AE/steam ect. get it straight.

    friggin dolts

  36. Graphics is what make everything seam real. Sotry lines do matter hug part of it, but graphics make you seam like you are there- draws you in. it is a big deal.

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