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PSG: Pre-E3 Day 2

By Magadala See On June 3, 2013

E3 is nine days away and the first to kick off the main event is Microsoft. You can watch the thrilling event on Monday June 10th at 12:30pm... read more


PSG: Pre-E3 Day 1

By Magadala See On June 2, 2013

We are happy to announce E3 is almost here and we are presenting our own pre-E3 count down. We are going to be posting each day of what we w... read more


Craig Davidson Says Microsoft Is “Going To Kill Sony At E3″

By Samantha Earwood On June 1, 2013

Craig Davidson, the director of global marketing at Microsoft said to IGN Spain that the “Xbox One will surprise the world during E3R... read more


Geoff Keighley Says PS4 And Xbox One Conferences Will Be The Strongest In Years

By Samantha Earwood On May 31, 2013

Geoff Keighley, host of Spike TV’s GTTV, tweeted that the PS4 and Xbox One Press Conferences will be the strongest in years.   10... read more