EA PS4 Meeting; PS4 is 10x powerful than PS3 and more

Feb 26, 2013, News, PS4 By Charly Pierre

Today EA hosted a live web (audio) conference focusing on the PS4.  The  investor’s meeting is now over. We gathered some pretty interesting highlight for you which located down below:

Quoted from EA’s CTO Rajat Taneja and EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen,

  • We are excited about Sony’s news”
  • “EA, we have never been so prepared for a new generation”
  • “ We’re maintaining a balance between other parties.”
  • “Between now and E3 you will see a lot from us… I’ve seen the new Battlefield and it is stunning.”
  • “PS4/Next Xbox  between 8 and 10 times the power than the previous gen (PS3/Xbox 360) “
  • “We no longer have to constrain our games. 1080p, 60FPS… [there will be a] level of gameplay that is unprecedented.”
  • “[There are] new IPs that we are building for this console generation.”
  • “100mil  has been spent on next gen R&D. They will moderate costs through cutbacks“
  • “They are assuming MS and Sony are more aligned in release dates.”
  • “Games have been in development for the past year.”
  •  ”5-10% increase in cost … “but cost will increase in the future as the games get bigger.”
  • They expect to make more money on the bigger next gen titles than ever before.
  • “We had too many titles… now less but bigger”
  • On next gen game costs – “We haven’t set price, but you will probably see a similar trend “” prices go up $10, but then fall back down“
  • On game user data – “We generate around 50 terabytes of game data every single day.” “We are applying techniques like machine learning, so that we can integrate monetization and gameplay changes more effectively“
  • There will be: “lower marketing expenses as we can connect directly to our core players through existing games“
  • “We all want more cash flow.”
  • Looking at “another publisher with two huge franchises  Activision” and “continuing to support their own franchises, while investing in new IP”
  • On social – companies EA bought weren’t as successful as they hoped, but were not a failure. “PvZ and Bejeweled will continue to come to all platforms.”
  • While talking about social – “[But] we’ve seen the benefits of creating games like Battlefield and FIFA
  • BF3 DLC brought in $150 million
  • On microtransactions: “We’re building into all our games the ability to pay for more, to unlock faster… trucks, levels, etc. microtransactions. Consumers love that.”


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3 Responses to “EA PS4 Meeting; PS4 is 10x powerful than PS3 and more”

  1. Reyson says:

    BF3 DLC brought in $150 million

    brought or bought?
    If brought, brought where?
    If bought, bought from…?

    Playstation gang needs a chief editor or a supervisor or something like that, we (readers) need more explicit news, or quotes in this case

    • Instinct says:

      It should be bought, and the from is already stated as the object in the sentence is the 150mil. And the subject is the BF3 DLC. Therefore it would mean that 150mil was bought in from BF3 DLC. But yes, there needs to be a chief editor for cases like this where brought was used incorrectly instead of bought.

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