Playstation 4 is in works, well sort of

By Charly Pierre On February 23, 2012 News Playstation PS4 comments


According to forbes,  former AMD employees state Sony is working on a new console with AMD Building Graphics. It  has yet to be announced, but we believe the processor designer will be capable of playing a key role in the new product.  Rumor has it that AMD plans on using graphics technology formerly used with the  XBox 360 console.  Despite  Sony’s PlayStation 3  announced in 2006, its graphics technology revolves in  Nvidia.


Nonetheless,  AMD refuses  to make a statement on the  project.  Sony Chief Transformation Officer George Bailey also refuses  to  reveal whether or not  the new console is in the process of being made, or if it will even exist. We believe the PS4 will exist, right?


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