Rumor: The PlayStation 4′s Alias Is Orbis

Mar 28, 2012, News , PS4 By Samantha Earwood


According to the Kotaku’s unnamed source, the new PlayStation console will sport an AMD x64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU, which will make it as powerful as the high end PCs that will release later this year. Below we have some sketches of what “Orbis” is supposedly going to look like. Observing the sketches, it could be a service that works for a phone or possibly the PS Vita.



There have been other rumors suggesting that a restrictive DRM system will be in place, meaning that purchased Blu-Ray games will be locked to your PSN account. Anyone buying a second hand game will not be able to use it and will instead be limited to a trial. If the owner of the second hand game wants to unlock the full title then apparently they will need to pay a fee. This is similar to the system that is being bounded around for the next Xbox.

Games will be available on both Blu-Ray or via the PS Store on day one. It is also being suggested that you may require an “always on” connection in order to play either format.

Rumors have also suggested that there will be no backwards compatibility in early or future models, unlike the PS3 launch systems.

Orbis will be out “holiday 2013″ with a reveal coming at this year’s E3.


Summary Of The Rumors

  • Releasing Holiday 2013
  • Orbis means circle, ring, or orbit in Latin
  • Combining Orbis with Vita gives you Orbis Vita, meaning “the circle of life”
  •  This may be an indication that the Vita will play a big role with the console
  •  Might be the final name (or might not)
  • Will not work with PS3 games
  • New games will be locked to a PSN account for anti-used games measure
  • Buy new games on Blu-ray or download
  • Specs: AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU
  • Specs could change by the time it launches
  • GPU can display games at a resolution up to 4096×2160
  • Play 3D games in 1080p
  • “Secret developers” have been getting new dev kits since the beginning of this year
  • Revised/improved dev kits sent out around GDC
  • More finalized beta units shipping toward the end of 2012
  • After you download a game and lock it into your PSN account, you can play it, save the entire thing on your HDD, or peg it as “downloaded” in your account history
  • Need to have a PSN account and be online to get this process started
  • Trading in the disc means pre-owned customers will be limited in what they can do
  • Used game sales may be limited to a trial mode or a different restriction
  • Might need to pay a fee to unlock the full game

What do you think about these rumors? If they are true, do you think this could mean the end for consoles? Let us know in the comment section below.


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38 Responses to “Rumor: The PlayStation 4′s Alias Is Orbis”

  1. Carlos_j_aragon says:

    So, sounds like they are in a hurry to boycott second hand games, or used games, more than actually upgrade the console, PS3 has a lot of things to do, with add ons and others…SAD honestly Graphs can improve on PS3 yet.

  2. Louisfld says:

    I personally hope these rumors are false; If they are true the ps4 or orbit will not last long and i am a Sony fan.

  3. Divad says:

    si se hace eso microsoft tomara ventaja con su xbox 720 y sony se arruinara 

  4. Oxala1990 says:

    i think this photo is false.. not even look real.. the controller design would be bad.. x)

  5. Livinglove99 says:

    If this is truly the case and the rumors are true, I am going to have one heck of a 180 in my console gaming, and might just toss it out a window and go back to PC. I don’t want to do it, because I LOVE my PS3, but this article just ticks me off. I hope Sony is aware that many of it’s player RELY on ‘used games’ in this economy. Follow all of these ‘rumors’ out in the new PS4 and watch their business tank.

  6. Eriksen30 says:

    fine by me, just looking forward to something new, as long as i can play im happy

  7. Matando_cm Nunca says:

    puede ser pero los mandos no creo q seran asi

  8. Ninja_shank says:

    It better not lock games to one account… I will never pay psn a fee to play a game i already payed for…and what happend to borrwing a friends game just to rush through it one time and be done with it…How will renting sites rent games at all then?

  9. riuuuk says:

    #1 i think the mayor problem are the acct where you will be holding your games.wish means that you wont be able to borrow games from friends or change them with friends as weland if it was possible…you will be ”LIMITED”l ON WHAT YOU CAN DO?.
    #2cmaking a payment for an acct on wish you will be holding your games? …NO THANK YOU.
    #3 all games from ps3 will not work..i think thats not right…because it comes from the same console…so why wont they be able to work if it’s not competition?

    It will probably be ok when it comes to the console and system graphic’s…..but if they are going to be like that when it comes to games…i think theres a bit of a problem….but that is just what i think. 

    so i say good luck and i hope they don’t screw Playstation’s Legacy ^_^

  10. Joey_g294 says:

    Please keep the ps3 games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Shadowabsinthe says:

     I am sorry but yet again does anyone not see the “unnamed source” and “rumour”. Yet again this page has reported complete and utter shit and people are believing it. Most of what this reports on are completely stupid ideas and I would not buy the PS4 if these features were included. Seriously guys stop reporting on rumours and hyperbole. If you don’t know something then just remain quiet and don’t screw with people. I would honestly have unliked this page a long time ago except for your screenshots and videos. As for the linking to PSN account for used games. What if it was locked and someone didn’t have a PSN account? If they didn’t have internet access to their playstation this would not work. Yet again I think you have fallen prey to someone wanting to make a quick buck by lying about the console specs or you just made them up yourselves. Quite frankly this is complete crap and you can tell its crap. You cant used games without a PSN account and if they have been used before you cant use them, it will not be called the Playstation, not backwards compatible, “unnamed sources”, “secret developers” and most importantly “rumours”. People need to stop believing everything posted from people who know no more than the general public and people need to stop posting crap . If you dont know then dont say anything.

  12. Shadowabsinthe says:

    Also the photo is very fake as well. This changed when you had another crap photo up and people started commenting on it.

  13. Juaneste18 says:

    I hope you guys know that these are “rumors” its not gonna be 100% real. One think i hope ps4 comes out with is aPC grapgics that’d be crazy

  14. Blaze1blvd says:

    I’m lookin forward to the new playstation but am pissed bout that anti-used game crap. Its bad enough we gotta pay for online codes for used games. Sorry, not all games are worth $60. Which is my most people wait till they can get a used copy. Thats gonna affect sales and they just need to stop being greedy. If a game is sold then the company already got their money. And with the ridiculous amount of dlc out they’re already milking more money from people. Its a business but damn, ease up.

  15. Glen says:

    i do not think this is true if is i will not but the playstation 4 it would hit peoples money and the game shops and you will not trade your game in eny more lets hope the xbox 720 dont do it.

  16. this would  be the most stupid thing i have ever read lets ask sony to
    confirm so they can c a whole lot of pissed off gamers

  17. DawnF1re says:

    Wow sony will lose a TON of customers is that Used Game policy is put into play…..

  18. Ninmo Hermit says:

    my need to pay a fee A free?

  19. Kap Cosmin says:

    can’t play ps3 games ?? this would suckkk soo hard sony ..soo hard

  20. Matcules says:

    It’s super fake lol psgang is lame u guys always post the same stores a bunch of times

  21. L3G10N says:

    if i cant play ps3 games on it gtoo i would go to xbox n i hate xbox sry peace

  22. Shadowabsinthe says:

    Thank you to all who have realised the truth. This article is either fake or a lie. This is crap and all from an “unnamed source”. No news should be believed about the Playstation 4 especially if from this page.

  23. Shadowabsinthe says:

    Only believe information about the Playstation 4 from Sony itself. Not a third party who bombard facebook with the same rumours over and over and who know no more than the average person.

  24. Hisoka says:

    Is Just Child Draw 

  25. JaCK says:

    Can’t play PS3 games??? SONY, THIS IS SUICIDE!! I’ve been supporting Sony for a long time now, but if this is true, bringing with the PS4 with no backwards compatibility. I’m buying a gaming PC or a Nintendo console instead. BE CONSIDERATE TO THE GAMERS WHO HAVE BEEN LOYAL FOR ALL THESE YEARS!! :/

  26. Here’s how it is Sony: If you put this “used games policy” into place I WILL NOT buy any more shit from Sony. I will buy a high end gaming PC and play games that way (I have been a lifelong console player since the  8-bit days). Microsoft has been rumored to be doing the same thing with used games so I won’t be getting it either if it if enacted. Console gaming will die if this policy is put into place, and frankly, they will have deserved it.

  27. Juan Mendez says:


  28. Madelinines says:

    apple should make a console WOOOOOT

  29. Moggycore says:

    I don’t really see the problem with not being able to use backwards compability, considering if you’ve supported them before, you most likely have a ps3, and could, you know, play ps3 games on that instead.

  30. I hope quite a few of these on the list end up being false because at it stands now, I will not be getting a PS4. 

  31. i hope they don’t lock old games it would be a huge mistake and taking a huge risk and it woild sell wors then the 3ds did so please don’t go that route

  32. Franklinkprs says:

    if it’s true, there’ll be lots of people buying the next gen xbox console.

  33. izekio says:

    so we get internet free but we have to pay for the game again to actualy play it 

  34. izekio says:

    first of all these are rumors so yall dont get too mad. unless it said sony confrim this or that dont beileve it. game companys want money but there not dumb. and i bet that most of these are rumors from xbox people becuase they want to actualy have friends on xbox live instead playing in a lobby all by there self. and the rumors about xbox 720 are probably fake too and are from ps gamers so i wouldnt trust those either. (i like ps3 hate to pay for internet) 

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