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PlayStation 4 2.0 Update Adds Share Play

By Dennis Patrick On August 12, 2014

During this year’s Gamescom event, Sony has announced an upcoming update for the PlayStation 4 known as update 2.0. This new update wi... read more


YouTube Adding 60 FPS Videos

By Dennis Patrick On June 27, 2014

Videos on YouTube are going to get a whole lot better for us gamers. Google has revealed that YouTube will be adding new features that will ... read more


What Was Missing During E3 2014?

By Dennis Patrick On June 23, 2014

It was clear that this year’s E3 was all about the games. With consoles out on market, it was time that we see just what is coming out... read more


Youtube Coming to PS4

By Matthew Wight On June 10, 2014

One of the biggest announcements from this years E3 wasn’t actually a game. It’s simple, it’s smart and it’s what a... read more

PS4 Video

PS4: “The World’s Most Powerful Console” video

By Jayde On March 18, 2014

Sony is not shy when it comes to calling out their competition and bragging about how amazing their PS4 console is. This commercial will be ... read more


Unboxing Video of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes shows 20 Second Installation

By Jayde On March 13, 2014

Videos of the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes game is popping up all over the internet, which tells us that users are already receiving th... read more

PS4 Japan

Sony Releases Three Trailers for the PS4 Game Line-Up

By Jayde On February 21, 2014

Sony has finally launched their next-gen console in Japan, now available in many retailers throughout the country. To expand their  marketi... read more


Video – PS4 Size Comparison with the PS3

By Jayde On July 26, 2013

PlayStation Access got a close up, hands on look at the PS4 describing it as “slim, stylish, and soon to be in all our living rooms&#... read more