Battlefield 4 PS4 Screenshots Leaked- Amazing

Mar 26, 2013, Feature , PS3 , PS4 By Charly Pierre

EA has revealed the first screenshots for their upcoming PS4 game Battlefield 4.” The images were discovered on  “Battlefield”official blog. The game looks gorgeous on the new Frostbite 3 game engine. Screenshots can be view down below.


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  1. Nicolas Rojas says:


  2. Maxime Robinson says:

    the best the PS4 can do is probly even a decent computer , its about time they start making decent consoles.

  3. A linha PlayStation não pode mudar seu modelo d console.

  4. Mal Retkoceri says:

    Matt LeBlanc o.O.

  5. Mal Retkoceri says:

    Matt LeBlanc o.O.

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