PS4 is a “great launch”, sold out at Best Buy

Friday,November 22, 2013By Manjul Jani


Best Buy sold out most of its PlayStation 4 catalogue in North America., a latest report reveals.

CEO of Best Buy Hubert Joly confirmed to Reuters  that  the company had “pretty much run out” of PS4 units already. The new shipments  will arrive soon.

“We will get new inventory next week. It’s a great launch, there is no doubt about that,” he added.

The PS4 had a fantastic launch in North America last Friday, crossing the mark of 1 million units sold in just 24 hours.  Also it was Canada’s biggest Playstation launch yet.

With Xbox One launching today and being $100 more expensive, we’ll have to see how many numbers it manages to hit.

Also not to forget, the PS4 will arrive in Europe and selected territories on November 29.

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