PS4 Will Not Play CDs

Feb 28, 2013, News, Playstation, PS4 By Samantha Earwood

The upcoming PlayStation 4 will stop supporting a format Sony’s home consoles always have supported: compact discs.

Reiji Asakura, the Japanese journalist who wrote the best selling book “Revolutionaries at Sony: The Making of the Sony PlayStation and the Visionaries Who Conquered the World of Video Games” tweeted about how Sony told him the PS4 will not play CDs or Super Audio CDs. Kotaku found the tweet, and the PlayStation 3, however, does play both of these formats.

Sony co-developed the CD with Philips in the 1970s. While many people listen to digital audio files for music, CDs are still the preferred format for many music enthusiasts.

Will the loss of CD support affect you? Let us know in the comments below.

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95 Responses to “PS4 Will Not Play CDs”

  1. Sony seems to get crazy, as the time goes on…

  2. n00bXL says:

    Bro … no CD for Playstation 4 … why ???

  3. Mr. Shanks says:

    Thats bullshit. I just may have to switch my preferred brand on consoles after all. I mean, at least the competition lets you rip your CD’s to your hard disk drive and listen to it while gaming……GET IT TOGETHER SONY

  4. Why not?
    Why make a new system that cant even do what the old system could do?

  5. Delenter says:

    Well… As long as it has a USB on the PS4 then its okay… that way I can download the music from my computer to it that would be fine I guess….. Sad part is you most likely have to have an Internet connect to buy games… I know 90% of the US has this but some people dont….

  6. The lack of the supporting music CD kindda affects me, but its nothing to think about when biggest things like 0 backwards compatibility.

  7. smilidon says:

    This is just plain retarded.

  8. 4j says:

    that would be crap but I still the ink the biggest strength it should have is that can play ps3 cd’s.

  9. pewpewpew says:

    Well if your taking away that, AT LEAST do something to allow music to play while gaming, like seriously?

  10. No cds, no backwards compatibility.What kinda bullshit is this!

  11. babyboy says:

    Im not buying !!!

  12. mackinnon says:

    this is bull shit cds is like the best think ever especially if someone takes really good care of them i still have the ps1 with almost every game made for it with not a scratch on them…but having a system with no cd is plain retarded. and i bet everybody will agree with me

    • Brian says:

      No, you’re a moron. They mean like your Back Street Boys MUSIC cd, not your PS1 game “Crock” CD is different than a blue ray, dvd, or game disk. All the people that agree with you are morons too. Who cares if it doesn’t play CD’s put the cd in your computer, make it an mp3 like the rest of the world.

    • Darshan says:

      Sony is just improvising, there was a time when everyone loved floppy discs but something better replaced it . If the company is taking out the Discs then it has something better planned to replace it … and sooner or later everyone will love it and even you will because the people who made playstation are not fools and they are obviously smarter than us so ummm just trust them : )

  13. I have a PS3 and this isn’t making me want to upgrade. Stupid decisions like that make me want to stick with my xbox.

  14. eddie says:

    sony sucks xbox is better these dumbasses wont even make a system that play cd what kind of bullshit is this

  15. wetzel says:

    Its still gonna read DVDs and bluray, just not CDs, who even owns a CD nowadays , usb is where its at, keep it up Sony.

  16. CHRISTOPHER says:


  17. Bryan says:

    CD’s or discs in general??

  18. D-Rob says:

    Next thing you know, it’ll be just like Vita, not using ANY disc based media. No blu-ray drive

  19. well I was going back and forth if i wanted to buy a PS4 or a gaming computer to replace My PS3 …But Sony just made the choice for me I am not going to re buy all my cds and what not and I have also heard there is no backwards compatibility. I am not going to re buy all my stuff after I have already paid out the ass for the things I have good bye Sony you had a good run but then you got greedy.

  20. No. I never used cd music on my PS3, so, this feature don’t make any diference for me. I’ll listen music on my iPhone or iPod… Hahaha.

  21. will_corey says:

    i think its a good idea forget cds they take up to much room

  22. Ben says:

    They have to atleast think about every one playing the game, some people playing PlayStation don’t have good internet connections so they depend on CD’s so deciding to have no CD’s will affect them totally,therefore they will have no option but to switch to another console..

  23. Ryan Baldwin says:

    “I’m sorry Ben, that was the wrong answer. Thanks for playing though.”

  24. antonio lomelin says:

    no se podran por los derechos de copyright, ya que en el ps3 los CD de musica se pueden copiar al ps3 en formato mp3 o aac, el que no se pueda es una estrategia contra la pirtateria

    may not by copyright because the ps3 music CDs can be copied to ps3 in MP3 or AAC format, this is a strategy against piracy

  25. Ryan Baldwin says:

    This is annoying even for simple reasons like if you want to put music on your PS4 you would have to put songs on that were already digital. Not hard, but it is annoying that you can’t just put CDs in and rip them like iTunes.

    It’s not the end of the world since it is a game console, but it’s still ridiculous that it’ll read all other disc formats except for those.

  26. I’m tired of CDs anyways. It’s better to have mp3s, so you can import the mp3 files to a flash drive or hard drive. And then input your mp3 files on the PS4. That doesn’t seem hard at all or is it?

  27. Ryan Baldwin says:

    To the people that think Sony is releasing a download only console and not simply saying the Blu-Ray drive won’t be able to play music CDs, learn to fucking read.

  28. sergio_mx_ says:

    Welcome to the future!!! :)

  29. Favian Orozco says:

    I don’t remember the last time I put a music CD into my console. I hook up mp3 players and hard drives, so not playing audio cd’s is not an issue to me. If it saves the consumer money in the end, I’m glad they took this route.

  30. MiasmaBlack says:

    What the hell is Sony thinking?!

  31. CD’s… so 90′s, thank god Sony had this plan… Blu Ray!

  32. Dimitriv24 says:

    in reality it will for many of all the playstation users , the wont be able to play it on there but as long as they have sort of electronic devices that will do.

  33. Fuck you guys says:

    People are getting pissed ab this and they say there gonna switch consoles Xbox hasent said anything they prolly won’t support shit either. Evry body always bitching ab to dumb stuff

  34. God says:

    This article reeks of bullshit**.

  35. FAKE! if the PS4 had blu ray, fu/k logic not read CD, this page is s*%t

  36. yuraFUkncrybb says:

    who fak listens to cds anymore anyways really? i cant remember the last time i bought a music cd? your phone can hold music your ipod holds music docking stations mp3/usb im mean come on get with the times man. Its a gaming console not your fn walkmen.

  37. Eh, rip CD to my PC, copy onto a flash drive, then copy to the PS4. Couple extra steps, no biggie.

  38. Most of you are Retarded says:

    It won’t play music CD’s BLU-RAY’s (which is the disc format of Sony’s games) and DVD’s will still play. THE SYSTEM IS BACKWARD COMPATIBLE VIA CLOUD SMFH I swear this is why other countries this all Americans are stupid U fuck’s cant even read.

  39. moopy says:

    Why would they want you to be able to play cds for free when Music Unlimited® offers millions of songs for the low sum of $9.99 a month from Sony Entertainment Network®

  40. I don’t use music cd’s anyway… But if I cannot play old games then that is enough to stop me from buying it.

  41. moopy says:

    Why would they want you to be able to play cds for free when Music Unlimited® offers millions of songs for the low sum of $9.99 a month from Sony Entertainment Network®?

  42. Its weird to say, but PlayStation is the future, and they know what they are doing, can’t wait for the Ps4 .

  43. xbox-dallasboi19 says:

    Lol Fuck sony. Microsoft all the way buddy.

  44. emjay says:

    Doesn’t matter,if i want hear Musik i go to YouTube with the ps3 Browser.

  45. sheldon says:

    so how am i gonna play my DVDs and Blu-Rays? isnt this taking a step backward? guess ill have to hold on to the PS3 and when it starts to fall apart on me, ill just have to buy a blu-ray player

  46. Angel says:

    Bastards! they just want more money!

    • What….. the….. FUCK does this have to do with more money? They are cutting costs to keep the cost of the system down and saving space in the console, to make it more slim, all by cutting out a technology that maybe 2%of PS users actually used.

  47. iBeRetro- says:

    So let’s say you buy all those games and your system crashes, what will happen to the games? Will it be affected in anyway?

  48. Masi says:

    Sony, you just went full retard…

  49. Detrick Dyer says:

    this ps4 seems sorta sinister by the day, im starting to lose intrest, i think ill worry about my ps3 and the NEW GOD OF WAR, and wait 2 see wat happens!!! (FROM A TRUE PS FAN!!!)

  50. Enrique Duque says:

    Asshats, theyre talking about AUDIO CDs! Like music albums & stuff!

  51. that is complete and utter bullshit

  52. Sammy Lopez says:

    i think i haven’t bought an actual music cd in the last 12 years. Mp3 is so much better.

    • No you haven’t so no one else is buying cd’s RIGHT???
      i won’t have a big problem about the PS4 not supporting cd but Mp3 has never been better than cd only faster and easier to use etc.

      The cd is still going STRONG and if the www goes down you could still listen to a cd as long as the electricity works ;)

  53. Ethan Coil says:

    realy thats so fucking stupid most people listen to cd

  54. king says:

    No they taking the blue ray out

  55. Dan says:

    If games won’t be on CD, will they be digital format? Or does Sony have a a new media medium to be released?

  56. Eric Woolery says:

    Is this all CD’s or just music? The games will still be on Blu-ray right? I hope so. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  57. seth says:

    Sony might make CD in to bluray CD’s

  58. Adam says:

    Surely it’s a very minor thing to include cd support. What would be their reasoning behind the decision? Is is to further faze out cds and encourage people to use music unlimited maybe?

  59. disqus_YJ8zrTs70Y says:

    Sony is getting smarter day by day. I hope soon it makes everything based on cloud computing involving nothing external except the internet to play games. Compact Discs has its limitations , even bluray’s . I hope the hard drive is large enough to store as much data as required and FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CRYING ABOUT SONY DISCONTINUING CD’S , YOU NEED TO IMPROVISE because everyone else will ……..

  60. stri says:

    More is always better. When will Sony learn this?
    Just because some don’t require a feature, that doesn’t mean that applies to everyone.
    I’d rather party more for more than less for less.
    restrictions and limitations make me lose interest.
    This decision is done in ignorance.

  61. Nick says:

    i undesrtand of those who rather listen to Music on ipod but CD would be really good on PS4 . maybe i want to hear music via CD loudly ?

  62. misael says:

    cd is a shit

  63. damn… I was hoping for old PS compatibility personally…

  64. so yes it does affect me… I will still get it though cause of the pure awesomeness and capability of the system

  65. I still use some Cd’s for music sometimes. Not all cars come with USB so yea, I still need CD’s. anyhow, I love PS3 but I am sorry. Xbox is beating the crap out of you. Xbox you can play while listening to music. Common Sony! You can beat the damn Xbox already! Why are you guys taking so long?

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