Sony’s New Ads To Compete With Microsoft And Nintendo

Feb 17, 2013, News By Samantha Earwood

Sony has been publishing various ads across the net (pre-roll videos on YouTube to traditional block ads on websites).

There have already been a couple of ads spotted that seemingly come off as a bit of an insult to Microsoft and/or Nintendo.

Many say Sony can not compete with Microsoft or Nintendo. Comment down below, and tell us what you think.



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8 Responses to “Sony’s New Ads To Compete With Microsoft And Nintendo”

  1. John Nehoa says:

    sony will own xbox… they just need something none of thee oposition will have… other than steam…
    tsomething that really wows people

  2. marc. says:

    That’s stupid to say. Sony is the system to compete with.

  3. Amarant says:

    xBox ha been trying to keep up.
    PlayStation started the Video Motion idea and the Cell Processor. Nintendo just has a remote. I still can’t use that thing….

    My Vote, Sony! Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy and others.

  4. boobisoft says:

    Xbox still sits me down for hrs, PS on the other hand makes me get up walk around then sit back for a few minutes to annoy me with slow lobbies, Wii just make me shit my pants then I’m just covered in it, Xbox still makes me just sit and sit and sit and sit, 3 days will pass and ill realize that i haven’t drank eaten or slept in a week.

  5. Arya says:

    Xbox 360 games have reached the limit so you laughed in their face!!!!

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