PS3 price cut announced

Aug 20, 2013, News, PS3 By Debabrata Nath

Sony has announced a price cut for the 12GB version of PlayStation 3, bringing the cost down to $199 in U.S and €199 in Europe.

The news was shared during Sony’s gamescom presser which concluded just a while ago. It was revealed by Andrew House, amid great applause from the crowd.

This price cut would help in bringing new gamers to buy a PS3 as a second console alongside the PS4, which will be releasing later this year.

Would this price cut impact your decision about getting a PS3? Let us know below.

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50 Responses to “PS3 price cut announced”

  1. Dale Graham says:

    stupid 12 gig system…i bought my 120 gig system new and right out of the box it said only 111 gigs……..

  2. Patrick Simon says:

    Lol fk that I alredy have a PS3 ( phat 80GB) with a 320 that workd like a top! Why buy another PS3? Altho I know ill be having a PS4 to go along with my PS Vita :)

  3. Kyler Booth says:

    Why only 12 gigs? I have an 80 so I don't really need this

  4. Simon Strom says:

    still a little bit expensive for a console that has been out for many years now, in my opinion.

  5. 12gb? every time you buy a new game, you need to uninstall the other game that fills the harddisc..

  6. Brent Price says:

    Who cares about the 12 gig hd. With all PS3's you've been able to add a new hard drive so why would this one be any different. I think those who would have liked but couldn't afford a PS3 could now afford to buy one because it's not so out of reach.. a $100 more than an Ouya and well worth the money. Of course just my opinion.

  7. Cas van Roermund says:

    No not entirely true, but I think they should cut the price on controllers

  8. Isaiah Gonzalez says:

    alright if you are going to buy a ps3 now this is what you should get becuase if you where smart you know you could buy a 120gb hardrive for less then $40 rather then buying a 120gb ps3 that is $250.

  9. Jackboi Dave says:

    I HAVE A 120 GB FUCK A 12GB

  10. Isiah gonzalez your comment doesnt make any sence its the same price eiver way ya do it

  11. Nikita De says:

    In Amazon Germany the Ps3-Superslim 12Gb costs 168,99€ :o

  12. Paul Dogar says:

    I bought in austria ps3 slim 190 gb with 2 controlers with 250 euro.

  13. My fat is 60 gigs taking a licking and keeps on ticking like timex.

  14. Jairo Tobar says:

    12 gb! is a joke.. it exist

  15. I'm good I have a 250GB PS3.

  16. all you have to do is spend another 45$ on for a 500GB HD.

  17. I have a ps3 with freakin YLOD, so let's see..

  18. Dylan DjPixcell D'Croix says:

    I paid $199 for my 160gb PS3, two years ago.

  19. Brad Schoor says:

    yeah no shit its got all the content on there takes ups space dumbass

  20. Keyna Purvis says:

    must be a typo they mean 120 gig

  21. Mateusz Rzymek says:

    noone care?

  22. Dylan Zuzarte says:

    Cas in the area where I live the controllers are quite cheap around 26.50 to 30 dollars.

  23. Dalem Arsa Artha says:

    Here's the dumb part: they expect you to shell $600 for both systems as a new gamer so the PS3 can "complement" the PS4, instead of, you know, actually making PS4 BACKWARD COMPATIBLE.

  24. Shahrukh Arif says:

    hmm its gud but too late.

  25. Michaël Lavoie says:

    That's because instead of calculating their HDD capacity with the normal 1024MB = 1GB. They calculate it with this logic: 1000MB = 1GB. That means the actual 120GB is lower when correctly converted. Purely a marketing strategy to reduce costs. So the 111GB you have is completely normal and the drive is empty.

  26. Michaël Lavoie says:

    Brad Schoor Before calling him a dumbass, do your homework and read my above comment. His hard drive doesn't even contain anything related to the PS3 else you'd end up with a bricked PS3 if you changed the hard drive. DUH!

  27. Michaël Lavoie says:

    Here's the catch: Your computer is using either AMD or Intel CPU based on the x86 instructions set. Well, the PS4 uses an AMD processor based on the same x86 instructions set while the PS3's processor IS NOT based on the x86 instructions set. So it is impossible without emulation, (which is very demanding on resources, heck, most PCs struggle to emulate a Wii), to make it BACKWARD COMPATIBLE unless they integrated the PS3's processor in the PS4 making the price sky rocket. Why the PS3 was backward compatible? Because they integrated the PS2's processor in it and it wasn't cost effective.

  28. Ryan Rooney says:

    why don't yous drop the price for the ps4? its 2 much.

  29. Shane Bloomfield-Gibbons says:

    its fckin 100 euro less then the xbox and u still moaning its 2 much? PS4 shat on xbox and alot of it was bcuz ps4 is so cheap… and ur moaning its "expensive"

  30. um still better than xbox 4gb btw its $200

  31. Got my 1TB hard drive on newegg for $60 back during Christmas for my phat 2nd gen PS3. I'm happy with what I got lol.

  32. Lim Ta Wee says:

    12GB? Why not 500GB?

  33. LoweDown DirtyOne says:

    get a damn job and stop playing video games and you would be able to afford one.

  34. Sheikh Ahmed says:

    Keyna Purvis no, they mean 12 GB

  35. Michael Castro Yup! Thats how WE do it!

  36. Michaël Lavoie all this is measured in bytes format brah not in actual gigs

  37. LoweDown DirtyOne …redundant. am i right?

  38. Chad Fleagle says:

    No real big deal at all Sony. No big deal. Now $150 would have been better. Cheapskates.

  39. Reece Parry says:

    Shane Bloomfield-Gibbons Shut up Eurotard. Not all of us are from Europe.

  40. This is no good for games , can't hold more then one game ,

  41. Jeffrey Seif says:


  42. YLOD is fixable, and all you have to do is spend about 15$, buy a heat gun and thermal paste, and then look up how to do it on youtube, youll learn how to take your PS3 apart, renew the thermal paste, its the whole how to video. (Enjoy! :D)

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