Playstation 4 Set For E3 2012, More At TGS

Sunday,February 12, 2012By Charly Pierre




Weeks ago, Sony president confirmed Sony in No Rush to Reveal PlayStation 4 but according to the latest issue of PSM3 UK gaming magazine, it comes another bold statement regarding the existence of Sony’s next generation console. PSM3 in confirming that the long-rumored successor to the PS3 will make an appearance this year E3.


“Games industry magazine MCV cited their own sources when they joined PSM3 in confirming PS4′s debut at June’s E3 show, but Sony boss Kaz Hirai served all of us a big glass of ‘shut up’ by denying that there will be any new console at E3. So who’s telling fibs?”, stated the March 2012 issue of PSM3.

“Nintendo will attend E3 with Wii U, Microsoft will make a next-gen announcement, and Sony need more than Vita to convince the world they’re equipped for a new console era. Don’t hold your breath for hardware designs, but some proof that PS4 exists is vital to Sony’s success. Expect a name –Playstation 4, duh – at E3, with more at TGS.”

UK trade website MCV reported that undisclosed sources  that both Sony and Microsoft are currently gearing up to publicly reveal their next-generation consoles at E3 2012 – MCV writer Ben Parfitt mentioned on Twitter that the sources are “exemplary” and ”ultra high level”.

“Obviously we can’t reveal our sources,” via Twitter. “But you have my personal word on this – the source is exemplary, 100 per cent concrete, ultra high level.”

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