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Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts 3 Now Using Unreal Engine 4

By Dennis Patrick On October 7, 2014

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have been waiting for the upcoming release along with any announcements for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 ... read more


E3′s Just A Waste of Money – Cliff Bleszinski

By Dennis Patrick On July 22, 2014

Cliff Bleszinksi, certainly a name that most gamers are familiar with but those who are unaware, Bleszinksi happened to be a former director... read more


Epic Games Cliff Bleszinski Coming Out of Retirement

By Dennis Patrick On June 30, 2014

Cliff Bleszinski, mostly known for his work in Epic Games on the Gears of War series, has announced that he will be coming out of retirement... read more

Epic Games

Epic Games Developing Unannounced PlayStation 4 Game

By Dennis Patrick On April 24, 2014

Epic Games is working on a couple upcoming video games that have yet to be announced. One of which promises to bring the current generation ... read more


Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 being used the most in upcoming new IPs

By Manjul Jani On January 28, 2014

Most of the now current generation video games that are currently being developed are using Unreal Engine 4 and are mostly new IPs compared ... read more


Epic Games Developing a Title that ‘doesn’t fit easily into existing genre’

By Jayde On July 11, 2013

The founder of Epic Games Tim Sweeney has recently announced at the Develop Conference that they are developing a “triple-A shooter... read more


PS4: Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney Explains Lack Of Global Illumination In Unreal Engine 4

By Samantha Earwood On April 20, 2013

Many PC gamers have blamed consoles for not being powerful enough to run Unreal Engine 4′s Global Illumination tech. In an interview w... read more


Unreal Engine 4 Leaked Tech Demo

By Debabrata Nath On March 29, 2013

A tech demo showing off Epic Games’ latest Unreal Engine 4′s capabilities have made it into the wild. The demo which shows the e... read more