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Sony Reveals Top PlayStation Network Games April 2014

By Dennis Patrick On May 9, 2014

Sony has released a list of the best-selling video games on the PlayStation Network. The list contains not only PlayStation 4 video games bu... read more


PSN Will Receive MouseCraft July 8th

By Jaypee Thakuria On May 5, 2014

MouseCraft, an indie puzzle game developed by Curve Studio, is all set to release. A trailer of the game was released which revealed that th... read more


PSA: EU PSN Maintenance Schedule For Easter Monday

By Dennis Patrick On April 16, 2014

Looking to play some video games online with friends or plan on downloading a title, you may want to get that out of the way before Easter M... read more


Japan PS4 Gamers Receiving Free MMORPG

By Dennis Patrick On April 10, 2014

A new MMORPG is heading for PlayStation 4 gamers located in Japan. Ported from the PC version, Onigiri is set to release in Japan on April... read more


PlayStation Easter Europe Sale Happening Now!

By Dennis Patrick On April 9, 2014

European PlayStation owners can get into the latest Easter sale. There’s tons of great video game titles being offered for the PlaySta... read more

Z Run

Z-Run Coming For PS Vita

By Dennis Patrick On April 4, 2014

From the creators of PS Vita titles such as StarDrone Extreme, BreakQuest and Furmins, Beatshapers have announced Z-Run a new title tha... read more

Persona 4

Atlus Confirms Persona 4 Coming To PS3

By Dennis Patrick On April 4, 2014

Fans of the Persona series will be happy to know that Persona 4 will be getting a port to the PlayStation 3. Something we would have liked a... read more


Rent Games from PlayStation Store

By Jayde On March 14, 2014

This ‘Game Rental’ feature has never been widely announced, and it seems that Sony managed to sneak in the feature without publi... read more